BLA claims responsibility for killing six personnel, including army major

sangar publication

 - 08 May, 2020 at 10:11 pm


Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) fighters bombed a convoy of Pakistani army vehicles and motorcycles at Kallag, in Tigran area of Kech District. A vehicle in the convoy was completely destroyed when it was hit by an IED installed by Baloch fighters, as a result of which six personnel, including Major Nadeem Abbas, an officer of the Pakistan Army, were killed on the spot and several others were injured.

The Pakistani military has advanced operations in Tigran and other areas of Turbat over the past several days, targeting Baloch civilians, including harassing women and children.

Major Nadeem, who was killed in the attack, was directly involved in the formation and leading of so-called death squads of criminal gangs operated by Pakistan army in Kech district of Balochistan, including targeting civilians in military operations in the area. Major Nadeem was providing security to drug dealers in the area and was involved in arming them against Baloch freedom fighters.

The BLA considers Baloch national independence and the protection of Baloch people as its first duty. The Pakistani army and its so-called death squads will not be spared under any circumstances. The Baloch Sarmachars are prepared to target the occupier and its mercenaries anytime and anywhere.

The Baloch Liberation Army will continue its struggle till the establishment of an independent homeland and a free society.