Balochistan: Pakistani military operation continues several disappeared including women and children

sangar publication

 - 17 Apr, 2020 at 1:57 pm

4th day of a military operation, several disappeared including women and children


Pakistani military operation continues for 4 days in different areas of Makran region of Balochistan.
According to local reports, the operation continued for the 4th day today, in district Kech ,Awaran and district Panjgur, where Pakistani forces raided and searched houses in different areas, as well as arrested several persons.
On Wednesday, during a raid on the house of Razai in Badrang, Kolwah area, forces arrested all members of the house including women and children.
Those arrested include Razai, Pir Bakhsh s/o Razai, Bibi Maryam d/o Ali Mohammed, Asad, Mahal, Gohar and nine-month-old Mehlab.
Whereas many other were arrested from Teetaj area, those of abductees have been identified as Jaffer s/o Myar, Noorbakhsh s/o Ahmed, Muradjan s/o Aziz, Abbas s/o Aziz, Ashraf s/o Murad-bakhsh, Charshambe s/o Murad Bakhsh, and Pullain.
While the abductees from Malar have been identified as, Jan Mohammad Pindok including his two sons, Maqsood and Khuda-dad. Other two abductees from Malar are Mohammad Khan and Mia Sanjar.
As per the residents, forces are operating extensively in the above-mentioned areas, while check posts are being set up in different areas as well.
Whereas, the Chairperson of BSO-Azad has condemned the military operations saying “today the whole world is taking strong steps to protect the lives of its people safe but Pakistani state agencies in Balochistan have come down to military operations and extra-judicial arrests, even in the days of this deadly epidemic, which can have very serious consequences for the people of Balochistan”.