Baloch journalist’s disappearance from Sweden is alarming for journalist organizations: Dostin Baloch

sangar publication

 - 28 Mar, 2020 at 8:48 pm

Sangar’s chief editor, Dostin Baloch, strongly condemned the disappearance of senior Baloch journalist, Sajjad Hussain Baloch, from Sweden, saying that the disappearance of senior Baloch journalist, Sajid Hussain Baloch, from Sweden, is not only alarming, its a question mark for the protection of journalists around the world.

He said that Sajid Hussain Baloch’s journalistic services are not only for the Baloch people but also for freedom of expression and truth and their disappearance from Sweden is a serious question for journalists.

Dostin Baloch said the kidnapping and killing of journalists in Pakistan, including Balochistan, is a daily occurrence, but the disappearance of such a senior Baloch journalist in foreign countries is surprising.

We urge the Swedish government, including all the world’s journalists, to take notice of the disappearance of Sajid Hussain Baloch, and try to recover him,” said Dostin Baloch, chief editor of Sanger.

He appealed to the global media organizations, the IFG and the World Federation of Journalists, to play a role in the recovery of Sajid Baloch.

Dostin Baloch added that we are in touch with all the journalist organizations and sangar organization will write a draft to all journalists, playing their full role in the recovery of Sangar’s senior journalist Sajjad Hussain Baloch.