Human Rights and Balochistan – Written by: Kamal Baloch

sangar publication

 - 05 Mar, 2020 at 7:01 pm


The war crimes of Pakistan’s army in Balochistan are on the peak and escalating day by day. The Pakistani army and its secret agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) have continued its policy of the Baloch genocide. 72 years before in 1948 the Pakistani army occupied Baloch land on gunpoint. Soon after it, the Baloch nation began a resistance against this illegitimate act of annexation.

Baloch nation is struggling for regaining its freedom and to end the colonialism of occupying Pakistan. Baloch have their values, language and culture but the colonialist and fascist army is spoiling their culture and secular values through sponsoring and spreading religious fundamentalism. The world must know that Baloch has no historical and legitimate relationship with Pakistan.

Balochistan is important in terms of its geography and resources. Today Pakistan is plundering these resources with the help of other companies and countries especially China. Balochistan is one of the richest countries in this region as well as in the world.

On one hand, Pakistan is committing genocide, war crimes and crime against humanity in Balochistan, and on the other hand, it has adopted the policy of converting Baloch nation into a minority. Pakistan wants to change our demography by settling millions of other people from China and other parts of Pakistan. Enforced Disappearances and the killing of thousands of Baloch is also a key part of this policy.

We believe that human rights violations and its crime against humanity are an open secret to the world now. It just needs attention and change of world policies for Pakistan. Baloch have been very enthusiastically trying to convince the United Nations (UN), civilized nations and world powers that Pakistan is playing a dirty game in Balochistan as well as in the region.

Baloch women and children are being disappeared without any involvement in any sort of activity. It seems a collective punishment to the Baloch nation. Recently a woman Zargul wife of Raheem Bakhsh resident of Mashkay was disappeared along with some other family members by the Pakistani army. Zargul was brutally killed during torture in army custody.

Pakistan is a terrorist and rogue state which is violating all international laws regularly. Several United Nations’ declared terrorists are freely roaming and continuing their activities in Pakistan.

Baloch people are slowly losing hope due to the silence of the world. It is high time for the United Nations to send a peace-keeping mission to Balochistan to find the crimes and end human rights violations by Pakistan in Balochistan.