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The Woes of Medical Students Turn Faded – Faraz Baloch

sangar publication

 - 29 Feb, 2020 at 5:47 pm


Somehow four to five years ago, a friend studying at final stage of MBBS very astonishingly said that BMC is being deliberately kept vulnerable to the sensitivity of a process in order to make it a dysfunctional institution longer, we joke and laughed at the sentences narrated by him.

Gradually just by passing of a year, we were appeased the institutional administration along with principal staffs are indulged in a planned embezzlement of the funds which get released for the administrative and educational purposes of the college, again we ignored and delt it with a least concentration, the issue melted in volatile situation.

Once just at mid of all high time issues and situations, some of the students from some political and non-political organizations as they claimed have came of with an information that the BMC is going to be place of communal dispute between Baloch and Pashtoons, as for the information is concerned it has been once tried to replace the name of only Medical College of province Bolan Medical College into Pashtoon Medical College or etc, however the plotted policy has been inferred as a tactical propaganda tool by some of the political students organizations which was only meant to bring the Baloch and Pashtoon into a quarrel within by the third powers, this was later slowly to get faded.

The conspiracy has been defeated and BMC was sustained and protected, some of the friends felt proud of defending it and the people turned this stand of the students appreciable and laudable because preserving and keeping BMC away from such absurd conspiracies was only meant equally preserving the vision and wisdom of the most influential political and tribal leaders Nawab Akbar Bugti and Attaullah Mengal. Who for sure attempted tirelessly to construct such an institution in the lap of Shall-Kot.

We the unattractive and senseless people despite of knowing what is happening around us, still initiated a campaign of educating our sons and daughters, neighborhs and intimates of keeping the children away or out in reach of the students organizations, slowly and gradually there happened to emerged a political, social, educational, national, instructional and orchestral gap among the students, there as well entered a very intentionally confusion between every two Baloch political organizations, there astonishingly and unluckily created a gap and political activities of the students were turned into limitations, students but very few joined political setups on visionary bases nonetheless majority were observed joining organizations for either vested interests or for fulfilling a hidden task.

The loose which today we felt is just because of our own foolishness, inactiveness and unawareness.

The story doesn’t stop here, what most appallingly happened was that, once separately the institutional clerk association and engineers were blamed of being beneficial parts in a systematic embezzlement of the college funds, bargaining of the foreign seats, selling out of the divisional merit wise seats, etc. Still the students organizations covered it by not taking prompt and firm actions regarding this, it has given a broader and widened space to the ones present beyond the dramatic play.

Years were passing away, anyone from students was just engaged with his or her own activities, there erupted a strike leaded to the Quetta Press Club demanding of fair and transparent system while conducting and checking the papers attempted by the students, they were claiming and blaming the teaching staff of being discriminatory, personal and egoistic in terms of failing the students.

The medical students cried and yell very angrily still the politicians, social and political activists, humanitarians, human rights defenders kept silence over the grim issues.After easing them, keeping the students assured such things never happen again, once again by a calm and silent gap to the next medical result announced, another issue raised where two students of the final year sit in a hunger till death protesting camp just in front of the college infrastructure having a reservation of being delt discriminatory, as more than fifteens students were failed in a viva voice of a single paper.

They as well allegedly blamed the teaching and exam conducting staff of a egoistic behavior, but despite of assurance the protesting students were still forced to wait for a complete year being declared graduated.

What did we questioned and thought? Majority of the people blamed and scolded the students of being not obedient and honest to their studies.

What staunch did the political organizations hold at that time?. Very astonishingly they refused to join the protesting students practically but assured will be just there when needed secretly. They were intimidated for their double standard policy, they were actually frightened of being exposed recording demonstrations against the college administration and principal and some of the political organizations just kept silence because they didn’t want to go for a clash with principal.

Now what, Nawab Khair Bakhsh has once said, “as late you get to wake up, more and more you have to tolerate the anguishes and woes”.

By the passage of time, the federal Government and medical concerned authorities felt of promoting the college into University where some innovative works and research may take place, the students gladly started sending wishful greetings to one other while receiving the good news of college’s promotion, they shared their views over it calling it a productive decision has been ever taken for Baloch and their hygienic facilities as it will serve to assist senior doctors for attaining further studies at their home.

BMC was soon after named BUMHS (Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences) in 2017. It has been assigned with a vice chancellor now and college principal has to step down, but it doesn’t happened. Both the newly appointed chancellor and prior principal parallely adopted the position for almost a complete year however the institution was required and laid to act accordingly with the eightieth amendment act, it was now obliged to formulate some separate academic and administrative bodies in oder make it enable and run smoothly the institution, now it has to be an autonomous institution where taking decisions all come in responsibility of it but to be very productive for the students it has turned to be egoistic and a burden raising institution over the students as it has enhanced the both tuition and accommodations fees abruptly, initiated a task expelling the house job officers out from the hostels’ rooms, assaulted on the girl’s room at the mid of nights and scolded them of being staying in the institution’s hostel rooms without allotments and etc.

When observing the ruining and spoiled attitudes from the educational administrative the students began a moment of restoration of BMC, they came out from the premises of the University were arrested and beaten brutally by the police but still they were deceived as being released were assured of solving the issue but all in vain. Awaiting just a week, again they came out to face the press club and provincial assembly but this time both the girls and boys were arrested and politicians once abruptly answered to treat the students humbly and will account the responsible who issued arrest warrants of peaceful protesting students. To put on priority, nothing will happen, this was just a politics scoring behavior and hospitality has been shown.

What do it mean? Students are still being considered the most sensitive factors, so allowing them to demand for their rights is equal to be anti-state factors, traitors and agents.There isn’t any doubt, Balochistan is a place where any sort of demonstration simply means a violence, anti-state, anti-patriotic, radically a nationalist and a Baloch concerns hold which refuses Pakistan as a country.

Very awkwardly arresting and dealing with the students in an attitude which is harshly felonious indicate us of being feeble and fragmented, that’s as well hint students organizations of their weakness in formulating productive bodies that would serve for the interests of students.

This will not be the last protest, students now get to be tested by intervals of time. It doesn’t mean all the time it will happen with medical students but it has to wrap up all the educational institutions because we are waking up lately and now we will and unintentionally required to face the confrontations.

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