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Our mother languages Balochi & Brahui. Writer : Shay Rehmath baloch

sangar publication

 - 22 Feb, 2020 at 6:20 pm

Today I am writing about our national languages, as we all know that for a Nation, it is very important to have cultures, costumes, traditions, and languages, If we look a glance to our languages, which are Balochi and Brahui, We should Work on for the development of our languages, to promote our national needs and for the identity of our nation. We should struggle to keep alive our Identification.
As we know that there is none such institutions for learning our languages both Brahui and Balochi are in the lack of knowledge. We can not find sources easily about these two languages, but from the past, it is much batter, because now there are so many people working on Brahui and Balochi. In past, there were so many great peoples who worked for Balochi and Brahui to make it easy for our upcoming generations, like us, I am Very Glad that our Young generation is Working for Our languages, and we should work because if we won’t, so who will Work? For our Languages? It is our duty to show love for our national identity,
It is not hard to work on any language’s literature if you speak Brahui, Balochi, it is the sign of keeping alive the existence of your language, when you listen and write something like article or when you write poetry, these are the signs of keeping alive your languages, For the existence of your language is not to buy Sky and earth so it becomes very easy to promote your language.

In Balochistan, there are so many great people who worked for Brahui and also working for Brahui. There is no comprehension between Balochi and Brahui but, if see there are more sources in Balochi than Brahui because Balochi people have worked so hard but in Brahui expect some people, most people haven’t worked for the literature of Brahui.
According to the sources, there are so many languages in Asia which can’t live long, history witness is that, Time has dumbed so many, Cultures, languages, and identities, yes if we accept or not Brahui and Balochi will be one of those languages, but we can save our languages through of our hardworking. It is time to work on our languages which makes our languages alive.

Language is a method of communication between people. For example, if you go to another country, at first it is very hard to understand other’s languages. But if you listen, and study in your own language you can learn very easily. Every person feels comfortable to learn and understand things to their own language. Therefore we also need to learn in our languages. Our country is occupied by Pakistan. Pakistan will never let us work for our language and identity, so therefore we have to work very hard.
If we take a look at Punjab, people of Punjab are studying Punjabi in university level, but why do the people of Balochistan are not studying Balochi and Brahui? Are Balochi and Brahui weaken than Punjabi? Or don,t they want to learn Brahui and Balochi? No, and we are being deprived from identity through of our slavery so we have to raise our voice to keep our identity alive forever, As we all know that Pakistani forces are killing our students, abducting & disappearing them in a lifetime, Pakistan is gonna crush all basic facilities of life as like reading in universities, colleges, schools for Baloch students so then it becomes our obligation to be in unity and try to get our goals.

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