BLF claims responsibility for attacking a military post in Kech

sangar publication

 - 07 Feb, 2020 at 9:18 pm

Sangar News

Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch said in a media statement that the BLF fighters attacked with a hand grenade at a military checkpoint in the main bazaar of Kech District. At that time, there were four personnel in the military outpost. One was killed and three were seriously injured.

He said the checkpoint was set up at a medical store located at Shaheed Hameed Chowk in the main market of Turbat, Kech. The attack destroyed the military check post while causing partial damage to the roof of the aforementioned medical store. In this way, the Pakistani army is using the urban population as a shield due to fear of Sarmachars (freedom fighters).

Major Graham Baloch said that such attacks will continue till freedom of Occupied Balochistan.