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Khan Kalat is not the national representative, but the last symbol of a dead system, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

sangar publication

 - 27 Jan, 2020 at 7:39 pm

sangar news

The so-called “Khan-e-Kalat” is politically dead, merely the last symbol of stereotypical tribalism

Pro-independence and Balochistan Liberation Front leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch has said that the Baloch national movement has undergone a systematic evolutionary process where it cannot rely on any person or personality, but it is the collective heritage of the Baloch nation. The entire nation is the backbone of this movement and the Baloch nation has delegated the responsibility of representing the movement to political parties and armed organizations and not to any individual.

He said that for the last few days, an American journalist, Armstrong Williams, has been showcasing the so-called Khan-e-Kalat on his TV show and has begun to award him with such titles as “King of Baloch”. This means that the system from which the West has liberated itself and succeeded in forming welfare states and modernized societies, but for the enslaved Third World, they still yearn for the same system. This hypocritical approach is but against the spirit of the Baloch liberation movement and a futile attempt for the preservation of the system already rejected by the Baloch nation. The Baloch nation has made it clear that the decision of national destiny and national representation is the collective authority of the Baloch nation, no external force or group can be allowed to assign to anyone on their whims.

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch reiterated that the main reason for the cause of slavery in Balochistan was the negative, reactionary and compromising thinking of the tribal personalities. Because of this a great country and civilization is under the occupation of a force that neither has history and nor civilization.

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that Khan-e-Kalat is the last symbol of a rotten system. They will certainly be interested to invigorate those who want to negotiate the issues of the future with a few individuals rather than a nation or collective leadership. They know that nationalist parties and organizations uphold national interest, while a few individuals prefer perks and privileges for themselves.

“We want to make it clear that the stereotypical tribalism and tribal system in Balochistan have died their natural death,” he said. Therefore, placing a royal crown on the head of a so-called Khan cannot alter ground realities, nor can a politically-dead person be imposed on a nation.

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that the Baloch people have made immense sacrifices for their freedom and this journey of great sacrifices continues. But we make it clear that the Baloch people have not made these sacrifices to appease an individual or to celebrate a king, but for their collective national survival. The projection of a rejected person in such a manner is an insult to the entire nation. Because Suleman Dawood has no political affiliation in Balochistan and he is not an active part of the struggle for independence. By using him, according to the present scenario, as a pawn will only bring harm to the Baloch movement on the global stage. Such deals may possibly benefit an individual which we completely reject.

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