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More than 785 persons were forcibly disappeared from Balochistan in 626 different operations during the year 2019.

sangar publication

 - 27 Jan, 2020 at 8:20 am

Sangar Report

By Chief Editor Dosten Baloch

The state brutalities in Balochistan continued unabated like the previous years. This year, the Occupied Balochistan also showed a barbaric picture, where the occupying state continued military operations, killing of Baloch dissidents, forced disappearances during operations, torturing of people, looting houses and then burning them and forced evacuations of inhabitants from their ancestral villages.

The occupying state intensified its tactic of forcibly disappearing of Baloch women and children.

On one side the state tyranny and atrocities continue and on the other hand, armed activities of Baloch militant organizations had also continued implicating losses of life and resources to the state forces. In these activities, one attack, Gwadar attack, got international attention. The attack was claimed by the Baloch liberation army, carried out on Gwadar Continental Hotel. The attack continued nearly for 26 hours. In this attack four Baloch freedom fighters were martyred whereas occupying state’s armed personnel, many Pakistani and foreign investors were killed.

Apart from the militant Baloch armed organizations, peaceful Baloch independence political parties, and human rights organizations have continued protesting nationally and internationally. They strived to show Pakistani human rights violations in Balochistan. They also strived to lobby internationally and to get Baloch nation their natural rights.

The year saw the exploitatory and strategic Pakistan China Economic Corridor’s (CPEC) situation dwindle. The hassle bustle in construction activities and Chinese movements in Balochistan had reduced significantly giving an appearance that the projects might be delayed or fail together. The corridor’s apparent failure and china’s disinterest has provoked occupying the state to increase their atrocities and restrictions on the Baloch people. It seems to be a desperate approach to satisfy Chinese security requirements which have devastated the whole region and increased latent anger and dissatisfaction against the State.

The year also saw the so-called Baloch nationalist who previously participated in the Pakistani parliament and was part of these projects changing to different kinds of approaches to save their positions. National Party (NP) who had previously played a key role in implementing this strategic economic corridor (CPEC) started opposing this economic corridor through its newspaper statements. The party started raising slogans against the state to restore their trust with the Baloch nation. Whereas we see this change in their approach as a blackmailing tactic against the establishment to remake their position in parliament. Whereas BNP was stuck with the slogans of ‘six points’ while they remained partners to the Imran Khan government in the center.

This year four women got forcefully disappeared from Awaran by state agencies. Widespread anger and protests helped in getting them released. The BNP declared this as their success while BNP leaders also expressed their wish for greater provincial autonomy and the inclusion of historical Baloch lands in Balochistan which currently are part of Punjab.

On one side Baloch pro-independence organizations and parties are playing their key role in the struggle of freedom and on the other side the state has increased its strategic policies and oppressions. The situation has also cleared and exposed the role and integrity of the parliamentary nationalists.

Balochistan’s freedom fighter’s success has seriously weakened the state’s apparatus in Balochistan. This can also be seen in the internal happenings of Pakistan’s establishment.
This year, the occupying state’s one of the biggest party Ulma -e- Islam opposed the government by their protests and then many party leaders joined them. Besides these political parties, the occupier’s courts and military organization’s atmosphere was overheated over the extension of the post of army chief and then former Pakistani general and president Pervaiz Musharaf’s execution.

International economic organizations and FATF have listed Pakistan in the list of grey countries that show their economic difficulties. Pakistan has been totally reliant on IMF and Saudi Arabia to keep its economy afloat.

The condition of minorities and oppressed nations in Pakistan also kept deteriorating. The protests for the release of thousands of enforced disappeared persons continued. While many political workers’ mutilated bodies had been dumped by the state in different parts of the country. In this situation, all those nations in Pakistan who want to redeem their lives from this state have to come on a single platform to gain salvation.

If we see this internationally then this year was a bad example between regional and international powers especially middle east situation because of that Iran, America, Russia, and at last of year violation from Turkey and negative views from America and Europe countries, Iran and Saudi’s relations were also tense especially attacks on oil installations. North Korea and America’s relations have been tense.

Because of violent protests, this year in Iran and Iraq reigning has been changing sometimes this side that side by using their military powers to trample protests. The presidential elections in Afghanistan were successfully conducted and Ashraf Ghani once again succeeded. Afghan region has been in limelight in media with the America and Taliban table talks.

The south Asian countries, Pakistan and India also continued with their cold war and at times the situation gave an impression of an all stage war. The news was also focused on America and China’s trade war which can push this region into complexities.

The situation in Occupied Balochistan deteriorated deeply. Hence 2019 has shown a bloody picture like the previous years. The occupying state carried out 626 military operations against the Baloch nation. In those operations, 785 persons have been forcefully kidnapped and disappeared including a large number of women and children. This year 302 dead bodies were found. 80 had been killed by forces while the exact motives of 144 killings were not found and 78 dead bodies went unrecognized.

The burning and demolition of houses, looting them had also continued, more than 1416 houses were looted under the state barbaric policy during operations and 200 houses were burnt.

321 persons were released from the torture cells of state forces and 42 new check posts were built in Occupied Balochistan.

Furthermore, no motives were found for the deaths of the missing person. Because of state barbarism, thousands of Baloch families were compelled to migrate to Iran, Afghanistan and in internal areas of Balochistan and Sindh and southern Punjab.

If we compare the devastation in Balochistan, it is in no means lesser than to those many regions which have been declared war zones by the United Nations and many superpowers. Balochistan’s situation is worse but they do not bother to focus on Balochistan. Thus giving the occupying state exemption to increase its policy of barbarism in Balochistan. So Baloch freedom fighting organizations and parties are struggling and showing the real image of Pakistan in front of the world.

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons completed its struggle of 10 years. They have been trying to show and uncover the state barbarities in front of the world.

This year Baloch freedom fighting organizations seemed busy for human rights issues and they struggled for the concentrations of the world toward the Baloch nation. This is clear that internationally Baloch is not raising voice in a single platform. Because these negative impacts are being on the Baloch struggle for that Baloch independent parties should have to struggle on a single platform so that they would not face difficulties concentrating world toward them. This act will double the hopes of the Baloch nation for freedom. Baloch leadership has to agree on some decisions for national interests then internationally this struggle will get the concentration of the world toward them. These decisions will give another advantage that Baloch parliamentarians who want to brighten their political shop on every step and counter Baloch national struggle their dialogues will be gated if that is National Party (NP) or Balochistan National Party to further enslave Baloch nation or Baloch genocide policy. Especially in this situation this ideology will be important further where one side occupying state is depressed economically, politically and socially and in a world tussle between superpowers like China, America, and Russia, and with consideration especially on southern Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, and middle east’s tense situation has impacted the whole world, Balochistan’s war needs more strength & power to ascertain itself so knowing today’s situation Baloch national leaders should make their policies according to current situations. Because of these policies, there will be no stop on Baloch struggle and second will be a way to get their destination.


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