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General Aslam Baloch is alive in shape of longstanding struggle. Dr. Allah Nizar

sangar publication

 - 26 Dec, 2019 at 5:40 pm

Sangar News

Pro-independence Baloch leader, Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch paid his tribute to Shaheed General Aslam Baloch and his companions, Commander Karim Marri, Sangat Akhtar Baloch, Sangat Sardro, Sangat Fareed Baloch and Sangat Sadique Baloch, on their first martyrdom anniversary. Dr. Allah Nazir Baloch eulogized the role of Shaheed Aslam Baloch and said, “Individuals in the stature of General Aslam Baloch not only play a vital role in the edifice of the destiny of the nation but also remain as the torchbearer for centuries which guide the coming generations toward the destination of emancipation.”

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch grieved over the untimely death of Aslam Baloch and stated, “Inopportune departure of a brave and foresighted leader such as Shaheed Aslam Baloch is an irreparable loss. Though, the blood of the martyrs infused with strength and capability to geminate own replacement. It is a natural thing, where nations go to such tragedy in wartime. But disciplined organization immediately bridges such vacuum. Hence, continuity is genuine compensation in the struggle. In fact, the secret of our national integrity is hidden in this permanence and continuity. I believe General Aslam Baloch is alive in shape of longstanding struggle and will always remain so.”

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch stated, “General Aslam Baloch in his national and political life has gone through various ups and downs. Attempts were made to trap him in the intrigued and complicated political moves, but he for the greater interest of the nation had never felt hesitation and was always up to take immediate historical decisions. His name surely will be written in golden words in the recent history of the national struggle.”

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch revered and admired Shaheed Aslam Baloch, “In the line of work, I have learnt a lot from, General Aslam Baloch. Basically, he was master in the field but he also had a great political acumen. Today we all can observe the impacts of his sagacious decisions. We are proud that personality akin to General Aslam Baloch has led our national struggle.”

Dr. Allah Nazir Baloch acknowledged, “We are fully aware of the fact that revolution grows with the blood of the nations and claims for its price. The history witnesses the fact that Baloch nation has paid the cost of national struggle with the blood of his offsprings, and the sacrifices of this unique journey will remain to continue until the national emancipation.”

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