Troops raid the house every day to arrest my daughter, Noor jahan

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 - 28 Nov, 2019 at 8:26 am

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Troops raid the house every day to arrest my daughter,
addressing a press conference at the district kech Press Club on Wednesday, a Baloch mother, Noorjahan Qaomi expressed her concerns over the army raids on her house.
She said that Pakistani forces raid to my house every day and ask about my daughter Sohaila Qaomi and my sons.
“My children have done nothing wrong and we have nothing to do with any of the armed and political organizations. My sons are working abroad, so raiding my house every day and torturing me and my children should to be stopped” she said.
She appealed the Chief Minister and Commissioner Makran to provide them security by taking notice of the issue.
Noorjahan’s daughter, Sohaila said in her statement that government officials have been harassing me for the past several days and raiding my house repeatedly to inquire about me is causing tension and trauma to my elderly mother.
Sohaila further said “I am not affiliated with any political or militant group and I appeal to the Chief Justice of Balochistan, Commissioner Makran, Deputy Commissioner Kech, Human Rights Comission and other related government agencies to take action on harassing an innocent woman and protect me.