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The incident of the University of Balochistan is a deliberate assault on human dignity: Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch

sangar publication

 - 23 Oct, 2019 at 10:15 am

Sangar News

Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch has condemned the harassment of students in the University of Balochistan saying that such stories of oppression and humiliation are not new in Balochistan. This incident is a part of the same old strategy of brutalities and humiliation. It is not only an attack on the honour of Baloch people but also a deliberate assault on human dignity.

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch said that the occupiers have employed all means to keep the Baloch people away from acquiring education. Most of the schools in Balochistan are directly under the control of the Pakistan Army. Similarly, the University of Balochistan is converted into a military camp, which is by no means less than a Nazi concentration camp where hundreds of military personnel are deployed; tasked to humiliate and mentally torture students, and this has been happening for a decade.

The leader said, “Regardless of the mental and psychological tortures and stress, the students had continued their education. Even though the purpose of turning the university into a military cantonment and a torture cell was only aimed at Baloch students and was meant to force them to quit their education, the Baloch students faced the adversaries bravely. When all the tactics of the state failed against the determination of the Baloch students, the State resorted to an unprecedented and inhumane aspect of collective insult. The hideous act of playing with the honour of the Baloch people further unmasks our state of slavery.”

He further said “I can fully apprehend how unbearable would it be to continue one’s education in such a humiliating environment. I have already mentioned that it would be extremely difficult for Baloch students to continue education in this neo-colonial system of education, but we must continue our education by overcoming all the dirty tricks of our colonizers. I am proud that instead of surrendering in front of the vicious ploys and tactics of the occupiers, the Baloch students chose to stand against the evil and exposed the dirty face of Pakistan in front of the whole world.”

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch said that there are several historical examples of harassment in enslaved societies where harassment of the masses continued at the occupier’s will. Likewise, these mental, physical and sexual harassment at the hands of an occupier may continue until the occupied do not establish their sovereign state.

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch maintained, “Our Baloch daughters have been humiliated as the University had installed secret cameras to record videos of the students and then to blackmail them, and we consider it is a collective humiliation and part of the state´s collective punishment strategy- and the best revenge is to stand prime against the enemy. This incident teaches our new generation a harsh lesson that the occupying forces in Balochistan have shut all the doors of opportunities on them. It is the first and foremost duty of all students to resist; the resistance can be passive or active. As the students have shown courage by coming on the streets. They also need to further organize themselves and meanwhile also keep acquiring knowledge and education. The sense of national slavery is directly related to awareness and education.”

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch said that first they banned Baloch student organizations and then the leadership and active members were either martyred or enforced disappeared of which many´s fate is still unknown. On their failure to curb education through oppression, cruelty, and violence; the state started installing hidden surveillance cameras in an unprecedentedly inhuman and immoral way. Certainly, this systematic blackmailing is not a conspiracy of one single person or an officer but it is a state-level conspiracy. Pakistan wants the Baloch people to keep their daughters out of education. If as a consequence of this incident any Baloch daughter quits her education, then the occupying state will celebrate it as a success. Along with Baloch students, it is also obligatory for the society to fight against the presence of the military in the educational institutions.

The Pro-Independence leader, Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch said that this was not the last resort of the colonizing forces but that such incidents may continue till the independence of Baloch land. Students need to consolidate their organizations and continue their efforts in the field of education. Above all, they should not let this field vacant for the enemy.

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