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The Turkish military action against the Kurds in Syria is an act of usurpation: BSO Azad

sangar publication

 - 15 Oct, 2019 at 2:02 pm

Sangar News

The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) termed the Turkish military action against the Kurds at the bordering areas of Syria as in act of usurpation.  The spokesperson added that the attack on the oppressed Kurds by the Turkish army is gross human rights violation.
The attack on the Kurds will promote religious extremism in the region, and this increases the possibilities of vanishing regional peace as well. Neither the Middle East and its surrounding areas nor can the world be able to protect them from the promotion of religious extremism.   
The Kurdistan, land of the Kurdish nation, is under the occupation of Iran, Syria, Turkey, Armenia and Iraq since many decades. But the Kurdish nation, as the heir of historical land, is struggling for an independent greater Kurdish state since many decades.
After the fall of Ottoman Empire, new born states came into being in Middle East but the Kurds were not given independence. While bypassing the Treaty of Sevres, Turkey, Iran and Iraq declined to accept the independent state of Kurds.
The Spokesperson further said that after the recent withdrawal of US army from the bordering areas of Syria, the Turkish president shown intention of initiating a dangerous military action in the Kurdish areas and converting them into a “Safe Zone”, and such a move can only cause the killing of the pro-independence  Kurds and the beginning of religious extremism of the IS (Islamic State), and this will result in the destruction of the region.
The oppressed Kurds, as being the US ally, wiped out the militants of IS from these areas and took them into their control. By the barbarism of the Turkish military, the IS militants will be completely free to operate, and this will devastate the region including the world.
The Spokesperson said that the Baloch and the Kurds are living in the respective regions as the oppressed nations. Different imperial powers, according to their interests, have tried failed-attempts to crush them, Baloch and Kurds, every time through barbarism, religious extremism and military power.  All such tactics are the imperial strategies of the imperialist powers.
The Spokesperson appealed to the United Nations including other high institutions to support the Kurdistan, Balochistan including all other continued national movements of the world; play role to free them from the imperial holds: and to give a final and practical shape to your human rights manifesto.

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