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May :BLF monthly report and activities against Pakistani forces and installations

sangar publication

 - 24 Jun, 2023 at 10:34 am

In May, Sarmachaars conducted 23 assaults on Pakistani army and installations, resulting in over 28 casualties and numerous injuries. Among the fatalities were 12 SSG commandos and an MI agent. Along with damaging two army vehicles, a truck supplying ration to the army was also targeted.

Three grenade attacks targeted the forces, including one at the MI office in Turbat.

A gas tanker en route to Punjab was attacked by an improvised explosive device (IED) while crossing a bridge on the Coastal Highway in Gwadar. The attack resulted in the destruction of both the tanker and the bridge.

The military colony’s construction site was attacked and its machinery was set ablaze. Three mobile towers were completely destroyed.

Seven Sarmachaars sacrificed their lives in defense of the motherland, while another one passed away due to illness.

The following are details of the activities:

1st May

A grenade attack at the anti-narcotics station in the Tar Office area of Chitkan, Panjgur’s main city; The grenade caused damage to two vehicles and injured two officials after it fell inside the station.

Sarmachaars have destroyed the PTCL’s mobile company Ufone towers and its equipment in Cheel area of Gresha district Khuzdar.

2nd May

We pay homage to Major Mulla Ibrahim. BLF

Easa Amin, son of Muhammad Amin, also known as Major Mullah Ibrahim Baloch, who served as the Camp Commander of Balochistan Liberation Front in Kharan and Shor, has passed away suddenly. He was highly respected and trusted by his fellow Sarmachaars for his fearlessness, persistence, tolerance and consistency.

2nd May

In the Kolwah area of Kech, Sarmachaars launched a sniper attack on a Pakistani army post in Bilor. The attack resulted in the death of one enemy personnel at the scene.

3rd May

We pay homage to Hafiz Abdullah: BLF
We honor the bravery of Hafiz Abdullah, also known as Istal, who gave his life in the fight for our cause. On May 3rd, the enemy forces initiated an attack on our Sarmachars’ bases in the Tolag-e-Rang hills of Panjgur-Parom. Our fighters were surrounded and engaged in a fierce battle. In the battle, a large of enemy forces killed and injured. Hafiz Abdullah son of Ghulam Jan, was a member of the organization for one year. He hailed from Banap Buleda.

4th May

On May 4, Sarmachars attacked a Military Intelligence camp security post with a hand grenade in Turbat, Kech District. The incident took place at 8:30 PM near the Girls College, and resulted in the death of a security official on duty. The grenade was thrown inside the post, where it exploded, instantly killing the official.

5th May

Sarmachaars attacked a truck delivering ration supplies to the Pakistani army near the Buleda Gili army camp in Kech district. The vehicle was damaged, but the driver and cleaner were warned and released for being Baloch.

6th May

On May 6 at 9:40 PM, Sarmachaars launched a heavy attack on an enemy army post in Nasirabad Bazar area of Kech, using rockets and automatic weapons which killed 2 soldiers and injured 2 others. Furthermore, the solar system and other equipment located near the checkpoint were severely damaged in the attack.

8th May

Sarmachars launched an attack on a Pakistani army post in Mulai Gazzi, Jhaoo area of Awaran. The attack involved the use of snipers and automatic weapons, resulting in significant loss of life and property for the enemy forces.

10th May

On May 10th at 5:30 am, Sarmachaars launched an attack on a Pakistani army post in the Madag Kalat area of Dandar in Kech district. The enemy army sustained significant losses as a result. Initially, a sniper killed an army personnel at the front of the post.

10th May

On May 10, Sarmachaars detonated a bomb on a bridge along the Makran Coastal Highway in the Makol area of Gwadar. The attack was directed at a gas tanker, causing damage to both the tanker and the bridge. The tanker was carrying LNG and LPG from Gwadar Port to various parts of Pakistan.

11th May

On May 11th at 6 pm, Sarmachaars launched an attack on Pakistani army personnel in the Miani Kalat area of Mashkay. The attack occurred as five army personnel were leaving their post on foot, resulting in the death of two army men and one injury.

12th May

Sarmachaars launched an attack on the occupying army;s post in the Muk area of Gichk using snipers and heavy automatic weapons, resulting in the death of one army personnel and the injury of several others.
13th May

At 8:30 PM Sarmachaars launched an attack on a Pakistani army post in the main bazar of Chitkan, Panjgur, using hand grenades. The resulted resulted in the death of an army personnel, as a grenade exploded inside the outpost.

16th May

Tributes to Major Asumi Wafa alias Shah Dad and companions: BLF

China-provided spy planes conducted aerial surveillance of a BLF patrolling team in Kolwah, Pakistan on May 11, 2023. As dawn broke, spy planes and drones resumed their patrols, launching missiles at various targets. Meanwhile, the enemy dispatched commandos to hilltops via helicopters, but they were quickly attacked by Sarmachaars.

A lengthy skirmish broke out between the Sarmachaars and Pakistani military forces, during which the Sarmachaars managed to break the enemy’s encirclement and killed 12 SSG commandos.

On the night of May 12, the Sarmachars engaged in a battle with another commando squad a few kilometers away. While Major Asumi Wafa successfully helping his comrades escape, he sacrificed his own life in the process.

During his martyrdom, Major Asmi Wafa addressed his colleagues, saying that the protection of Baloch land and the survival of the Baloch nation is the most sacred duty for them. He emphasized the importance of being willing to sacrifice their lives for this cause, showing his unwavering commitment to the fight for Baloch independence.

The public relations department of the enemy military, ISPR, is attempting to conceal the fatalities of soldiers caused by Baloch Sarmachaars due to their troops’ decreasing morale. These attempts have been met with failure.

Major Asumi Wafa, also known as Shah Dad, son of Dilwash is a resident of Dandar Kolwah. He became a member of the regular ranks of BLF in 2012 and was appointed as the network commander due to his excellent skills, bravery, and positive relationships with the Baloch people.

Despite the Pakistani occupation forces burning his homes and subjecting his family to enforced disappearances, Asumi Wafa’s loyalty never wavered. His family was forced to live as IDPs, but his intentions remained strong.

Asumi Wafa was recognized for his perseverance and leadership skills by the regional council of the organization who appointed him as a major in 2022. He sets a great example through his bravery, tolerance, and excellent public relations. Major Wafa serves as an inspiration to all. Major Asumi Wafa completed his graduation From Atta Shad Degree College Turbat and was also a poet in the Balochi language.

Seth Abdul Samad, also known as Wajah Deenar, son of Muhammad Rahim, a resident of Teertej Awaran has been a member of the BLF since 2013. He quickly rose to the rank of lieutenant in the guerrilla force due to his strong political awareness and commitment to the cause.

Second Lieutenant Arif, also known as Shikari, son of Ali Bakhsh, a resident of Kolwah joined BLF in 2013. He has been a beacon of bravery and tolerance for his peers and a model of selflessness, prioritizing freedom movement and the organization over personal hardships. Despite his impoverished background, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to the cause. He has participated in various battles across different areas in Balochistan. As a result of his ten-year involvement in the Baloch national liberation movement, his loved ones were consistently subjected to mental and physical abuse by the Pakistani military forces.

Sarmachaar Ali (aka Kumuk), son of Bijjar from Pahu Awaran, has been a regular member of the BLF since 2019 and was previously an enthusiastic supporter of the organization. Having grown up in the mountains, he has become an expert in mountain routes and is adept at handling emergencies, due to this, his organizational name was Kumak (HELP/AID). Additionally, he was a skilled sniper in his guerilla unit, participating in various organizational missions and combat programs across Awaran.

Javed, also known as Umar Jan, was part of the BLF since 2019. He hails from Shapkol Kolwah and has actively participated in the battles in Awaran and Kolwah and surroundings. We must not forget that the enemy forces’ cruel actions have impacted Shaheed Umar Jan’s family as a whole. However, Umar Jan’s strong spirit as a young Sarmachaar never wavered in the face of hardship.

Sarmachaar Shah Mir, also known as Safar Khan, joined BLF in 2014. Hailing from Karki Tijaban Turbat, he was known Sarmachaar for his hard-working and fearlessness. Shah Mir played a crucial role in combat duties across Kolwah and Tijaban areas, successfully inflicting heavy damages on the enemy.

BLF pays homage to the martyrs and reiterates its commitment that the war against the occupying Pakistan will continue until the independence of Balochistan is achieved.

18th May

The construction site of the Government Residential Colony in Teertej Ahori area of Awaran has been attacked by Sarmachaars. This residential colony has occupied a large area, the land is being narrowed for the local population. The attack resulted in the destruction of vehicles and machinery on the premises.

18th May

On May 18, Sarmachaars launched a heavy weapon attack on the Pakistan Forces FC camp in Gwarkop area of Kech at approximately 8:30 pm. The attack resulted in casualties among the enemy forces.

20th May

Sarmachaars attacked a Pakistani military post in the Tump Kalat area of Kech using A-1 mortar shells. The attack caused significant damage and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy forces stationed at the checkpost.

24th May
Sarmachaars launched an attack on a Pakistani army post located near the board at Singani Sar in Turbat. The attack took place at 8:00 p.m. and resulted in the death of one army men, while another was left injured.

24th May

At 11:20, Sarmachaars killed a military intelligence (MI) personnel named Sanaullah from Kark KPK in the Dannuk area of Turbat, the main city of Kech.

The MI official was targeted by the Sarmachars when he was leaving the D Baloch military camp and heading towards Turbat city.

The MI officer had been stationed in Turbat for six years, with his most recent one-year duty in the MI branch of D Baloch camp. Previously, he served in both the MI camp in Turbat city and the FC main camp.

Our intelligence unit monitored him extensively and discovered he was highly active in Gokdan and Dannuk in addition to Turbat city. He had established a network of local informants, and the organization had possession of all their gathered information.

24th May

Sarmachaars launched an attack against a Pakistani army post in Kark-e-Dal Gichk area of Panjgur, using rockets and automatic weapons. The attack resulted in significant casualties and damage to the occupying forces.

25th May

On May 25th, at 6:00am, a clash broke out between Sarmachaars and state-backed armed agents, known as Mussalah Difa, in the Jhaki Kalatuk area of Mashkay during a patrol. The group suffered casualties.

25th May

Sarmachaars launched an attack on the post in Mashkay Miani Kalat at 9 pm using rockets and heavy automatic weapons, resulting in the deaths of two army personnel and the injury of one.

25th May

Sarmachaars attacked a tower of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited’s mobile phone company, Ufone, in the Gichk area of Panjgur, and set fire to the machinery. Pakistan and China have been installing mobile phone towers throughout Balochistan to support their spying and military operations.

27th May

Sarmachaars launched three rockets at a military post in Apsar, Turbat, resulting in the deaths of three personnel and injuring two others. The checkpoint was established at the location where the Pakistani army stopped and killed Hayat Baloch in front of his parents.

28th May

The Sarmachaars launched an attack on the Pakistani army post in Deel Kik, Zamuran on May 28 at 4PM by using rockets and heavy weapons, which resulted in significant damage and casualties to the enemy army.

28th May

At 7:30 PM on May 28th, the Sarmacharas launched an attack on the Pakistani Army camp located in the Tump Baleecha region of Kech.

Sarmachaars launched a severe attack on the western front of the camp, firing rockets and heavy automatic weapons at close range. The rockets hit the front and inside the camp, exploding with a deafening noise. Heavy losses occurred to the occupying army.

31st May

At 3 am on May 31, Sarmachaars carried out an attack on a mobile phone tower in Gwadar, setting it on fire.

In Gati-door area of Gwadar, Sarmachaars raided and ignited a mobile phone tower of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL), destroying both the equipment and structure.

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