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In 23 attacks on Pakistani forces in January 2023, more than 22 enemy personnel were killed, BLF

sangar publication

 - 24 Feb, 2023 at 1:28 pm
The Balochistan Liberation Front released a monthly report on attacks on Pakistani forces in 
January 2023

Sarmachaars carried out twenty three (23) attacks on Pakistani forces in January 2023, in which more than twenty two (22) enemy army personnel were killed and more than fourteen (14) were injured.

These attacks include seven grenades, two snipers, one grenade launcher, one remote control. Attacks were on two military vehicles, four checkpoints, three military convoys, a mine attack on a bomb disposal team, a military main camp, a military camp’s front post and three ambushes. Along with this, attacks were also carried out on Turbat Eagle Forces, Panjgur City Police Station and Karachi Police.

A mobile phone tower and NADRA office were attacked and set on fire. Attacked the residence of the state agent in Turbat.

In the defense of the motherland, four Baloch Sarmachaars embraced martyrdom in a skirmish with the enemy army, in which one Sarmachaar belonged to the BLA.

January 2
Opened fire on two police men on a motorcycle patrol near the RRF headquarters in Saeedabad area of Karachi, from which Constable Hanif of Saeedabad police station was injured.

January 4
Attacked a Vigo vehicle of an army convoy going to Mand from the Tump Army Camp with a remote controlled bomb in which three military personnel on board were killed and two injured.

January 4
Attacked the post of the Pakistani army in Doleji, Jhaoo area of Awaran with snipers and heavy weapons and caused casualties and property damage to the enemy army.

January 6
Sarmachaars threw a hand grenade at police Eagle Force personnel near fish market in Turbat city, Kech. One policeman was injured.

January 10
Attacked the Chitkan City police station in Panjgoor at 7:30 PM with a hand grenade. Losses occurred to occupying army.

January 11
Attacked the Pakistani military post in Dasht Khudan Bazar area of Kech with rockets and A-1 shells and automatic heavy weapons. Heavy losses occurred to occupying forces.

January 11
Sarmachaars planted a land mine in Apsi Kahn area of Kech to target the convoy of the enemy army. At 3:30 PM, the bomb disposal team arrived before the convoy and started trying to defuse the bomb, Sarmachaars detonated the bomb by remote control, seriously injuring both the personnel of the bomb disposal team.

January 12
Ambushed and attacked the enemy army with heavy weapons in Qadir Bakhsh Kallag Dasht Bal Nigwar at Noken Rah. Two army personnel have been killed and several injured.

January 13
Sarmachaars once again ambushed the enemy Pakistani army with rockets and heavy weapons in Noken Rah, killing four army personnel on the spot and injuring many others.

January 15
Attacked the military checkpoint near the Star Plus Market in Turbat, the capital city of Kech, with a hand grenade. One military personnel was seriously injured.

Destroyed the mobile tower in Sakhi Tehangu area in Dhadar by targeting it with explosives and set fire to the machinery.

January 16
Attacked the Pakistan army post in Jaki area of Mashkay Valley with rockets and heavy weapons, killing two army personnel and injuring three others.

An hour after this attack, Sarmachaars also attacked the checkpoint of the Pakistani army in Maleshband by sniper and other automatic weapons. One killed, several injured.

January 17
Homage to martyrs Aamir Khan, Yahya Jan, Raza, and Mumtaz:

Four Sarmachars embraced martyrdom in a clash with the Pakistani army. They fought the enemy army very bravely. The occupying army also received aerial support in the clash.
On January 16, 2023, Pakistan Army’s spy and drones launched an aerial patrol in the eastern hills of Gwarkop in Kech district. Seeing this situation, Sarmachaars immediately moved away from their present positions. A drone fired three missiles there before sunset the same day, but before that the Sarmachaars had left the scene. Due to constant night patrolling by spy planes and bombardment by drones, the Sarmachaars left the area in the darkness of night, so the enemy did not succeed. Sarmachaars formed small groups and departed in different directions.

Meanwhile, spy and drone patrols have continued for two consecutive days.

On January 17, 2023, around eleven o’clock in the morning, gunship helicopters landed commandos in the same mountain range away from our hideout, and the Sarmachaars started fiercely attacking them.

In this clash, many commandos of the enemy army have been killed and injured while four Sarmachaars Amir Khan alias Abid Jan, Yahya Jan alias Kambar Jan, Raza alias Gazzen and Mumtaz son of Qazi alias Mulla Yasir were embraced martyrdom in the defense of motherland.

Meanwhile, three missiles were fired by the drones, but they could not target the Sarmachaars engaged in the war. Shaheed Abid Jan and Gazzen Jan only got one bullet each. It is likely that they committed martyrdom by following the policy of killing themselves with the last bullet.

Aamir Khan alias Abid Jan son of Miskan, resident of Tijaban Hoshab was associated with the armed struggle since 2014 and was serving on the platform of BLF since 24 December 2018. He was holding the rank of Captain in the organization. He was an educated and politically conscious young man. He developed very good relations with the people of the area where he was assigned responsibility.

Yahya Jan alias Kambar Jan, son of Dr. Aasumi, resident of Pidark, Darmkol, served in the city network for the first two years. Then on May 25, 2022, he joined the Sarmachaars camp in the mountains of Balochistan. He was a brave warrior.

Raza alias Gazzen son of Wahid Bakhsh, resident of Gwarkop Salach started armed struggle from the platform of BLF in 2015 and was engaged in continuous struggle against the enemy till his martyrdom.

In this clash, Mumtaz son of Qazi alias Mullah Yasir of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), was martyred. He was serving in the armed struggle for the independence of Balochistan since 2017. He was a brave warrior.

The spokesperson of BLF Gwahram Baloch paid homage to the martyred Sarmachaars and said that their blood will not go in vain. The result of the blood of the martyrs is the freedom of Balochistan and freedom is the destiny of the Baloch because they are fighting for the truth and the defense of their land. Victory and success always belong to truth.



January 18
Ambushed a patrol convoy of Pakistan Army in Chukaap Kor area of Mand Sheeraz. In the attack, nine of the ten personnel in the vehicle were killed on the spot. Some distance away from the attack site, there is a checkpoint of the Pakistani army from where they opened heavy fire. Sarmachaars also targeted two other vehicles.

January 18
Attacked the FC post at Kalam Chowk in Chitkan, Panjgoor with a hand grenade. Losses occurred to occupying forces.

January 20
Attacked the check post of the main military camp in Absar area of Turbat with a hand grenade, injuring two army personnel.

January 21
Attacked enemy Pakistani army post at Dazin Cross, Tump with grenade launchers which landed inside the post causing loss of life and property to the occupying forces.

January 22
Attacked an anti-narcotics camp in Turbat, the capital city of Kech, with a hand grenade, causing casualties to their forces.

January 24
Set fire to the NADRA office located in Dasht Khuddan area of Kech.

January 26
BLF snipers attacked the Pakistani army at Nokohi Hotel in Nondara in Jhaoo area of Awaran. One army personnel was killed.

January 26
Attacked the main camp of the Pakistani army in Turbat city with rockets, due to which the occupying army had to bear loss of life and property.

January 26
Attacked the hideout of state agent Yasir Bahram in the Overseas area of Turbat. He is a key state agent in Kech where he works with certain co-workers against the Baloch nationalists.

This agent is involved in the abduction, identification and military operations against Baloch Sarmachaars. He is involved in organizing rallies against Baloch nationalists who are fighting for a Free Balochistan.

Yasir Bahram also plays a leading role in organizing celebrations and rallies on days like Independence Day of Pakistan, Pakistan Day, Kashmir Day and Defense Day. Although public participation in these rallies is zero.

Earlier, he was once attacked by Sarmachaars in Dasht when he and Mulla Umar were in his hideout. Any person who supports the occupying enemy Pakistan and assists in the ongoing Baloch genocide, will be punished. Genocide is a serious crime under international law. It is our national duty to punish anyone involved in this crime.

January 29
Attacked the Pakistani army post in Pirandar Kuchh area of Awaran with rockets and heavy weapons, causing loss of life and property to the occupying forces.

January 31
Attacked the Pakistani Military Intelligence (MI) office in Mand Soro, of district Kech with a hand grenade. Losses occurred to them.



BLF January 2023 Reports

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