International Human Rights Organization should play a role to save the baloch women and childern – BNM

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 - 11 May, 2022 at 5:51 pm

International Human Rights Organization should play a role to save the women and childern who were forcibly disappeared from Gichk:  A letter from BNM HR Secretary

Shaal: Dr Nazir Noor Baloch, Human Rights Secretary of the Baloch National Movement wrote a letter to more than 23 international human rights organizations, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Nazir Noor has appealed to the recipients to take immediate action regarding the enforced disappearances of women and children, who were forcibly disappeared at the hands of Pakistani security authorities from Gichk, Balochistan.

In his letter, he said, “for the last two decades Balochistan is facing worst human rights violations. As a result of collective punishment, Baloch masses are being victimized on daily basis by Pakistani security forces.”

To highlight these human rights abuses and atrocities, political parties and human rights organizations of Balochistan have conducted a number of awareness programs to explain the situations to international organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. he added.

Noor said, that Enforced disappearances, mutilated dead bodies and the discovery of mass graves are a series of alarming human rights violations in Balochistan.  Instead of playing a proper and practical role, the response of International human rights organizations to these brutalities is bound to mere statements. The alarming situation of enforced disappearances is a major crisis in Balochistan today.

He mentioned in his letter the recent enforced disappearance of women and children from Gichk which took place on April 22 2022. Pakistani security forces raided a house and forcibly disappeared a man identified as Haroon Baloch along with two women: Shah Bibi and Shahzadi and a six-day-old baby from Karke-e-Dall,  Gichk Panjgur, Balochistan following the “collective punishment” policy.

Baloch National Movement is a political party struggling for the rights and sovereignty of the Baloch people in Balochistan. It has exposed Pakistani atrocities on different platforms.  As a result of exposing these human rights abuses, so far, a number of its members became victims of enforced disappearances. Now the families of our members and leaders are subjected to these atrocities, Nazir Noor added.