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Ignoring war crimes in Balochistan casts doubt on the claims of human rights advocates: Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

sangar publication

 - 15 Apr, 2022 at 8:38 pm

Baloch nationalist and pro-freedom leader Dr. Allah Nazar, in a statement, appealed to the international community that the Baloch were struggling for their national independence in accordance with international laws yet Pakistan is committing grave human rights violations, crimes against humanity and war crimes to crush the Baloch struggle for independence. In committing all these crimes, the Pakistan Army has the full fledged support of all the state institutions, including the judiciary. International powers should send fact-finding missions to Balochistan to investigate Pakistani war crimes and impose economic and military sanctions on Pakistan in the light of these facts.

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that the world powers, which have made their foreign policy conditional on the observance of human rights, should realize that mass graves are being discovered in Balochistan and people are being subjected to collective punishment. The silence of world powers against these crimes shows that their claims of interest in human rights is dubious and a pressure tactic to pursue their vested interests. Otherwise, there is no reason for the world powers to remain silent on Pakistan’s crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

He said that if our neighbors, India, Afghanistan and Iran were content with similar silence then Pakistan would intensify what it has been doing to its neighbors for the last seven decades and will increase its intervention. The solution to all these problems is detrimental to the independence of Balochistan.

The Baloch leader said that the Baloch nation was struggling for their constitutional and natural birth-right in accordance with international law. Balochistan is located at such a strategic juncture where, if our struggle for independence is not supported, the presence of Pakistan and China will affect the whole world. Pakistan’s partnership with China and progress on exploitive projects such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a clear catastrophe for the Baloch nation while upsetting the balance of power in the region and rest of the world would also suffer heavily in its wake.

Dr. Baloch said that the founding of Pakistan did not involve the consent of the subjugated nations. Pakistan was a project of the Western powers. The real struggle for the success of this project was done by Bengal. The Muslim League was founded there. The Bengalis soon realized their mistake and separated themselves from Pakistan but some of our lost people are still pinning their hopes on this military-junta-run deep state. The people of Sindh, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan are practically fighting for their independence. The Baloch nation values ​​their struggle. The spirit of freedom and desire is growing in the Pashtun nation and the Pashtun youth have realized their enslavement and are aware of the importance of freedom. All the occupied nations are disgusted by the imperialist vassal state of Pakistan and are fighting for their independence.

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch concluded that Pakistan can’t even meet the basic human needs of its people and has become a completely failed state. The Baloch nation, especially the younger generation, has made invaluable sacrifices and these sacrifices have brought us closer to our destination. But in order to achieve freedom, a harmonious, cohesive struggle with unity is the utmost call of the time.

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