Pakistan turns Jhaoo into a Nazi-style concentration camp: BNM

sangar publication

 - 17 Mar, 2022 at 1:37 pm

Central Spokesperson for the Baloch National Movement said that the Pakistani army had turned a large area of Jhaoo in Awaran district into a Nazi-style concentration camp. The months-long military brutality has gained new momentum. Jhaoo is currently under the worst military siege.


There is a complete ban on the movement of people. Most of the population of the area is shifted to camps and subjected to torture all the day. All local vehicles in the area have been taken into custody and stationed at the main military camp in Jhaoo Kohru. People are starving from hunger and deprived of treatment.


The spokesman said that a large number of troops had entered the Surgar area from Naal, Ornach, Larander, Wajah Bhag and Arah. The ground forces also have aerial support. The area is ruled by horror, brutality and bestiality. The Pakistani army had made the life hell for civilians and unarmed people.


He said that Jhaoo area has always been under the control of Pakistan Army due to its significant role in the independence movement and being the land of brave fighters. But the current operation is the worst chapter of violence in recent times. Here, in the Nazi style, children and women are not allowed to engage in any activity without a military order. The purpose of this barbarism is to suppress the Baloch national struggle but Pakistan should read the writings on the wall that living nations cannot be subjugated by such brutality.