Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) releases the report of its activities for the month of February:

sangar publication

 - 15 Mar, 2022 at 1:03 pm



In February 2022, the Balochistan Liberation Front carried out eleven (11) attacks on Pakistani forces and death squads, killing twenty-four (24) and injuring several, while one death squad member was killed and one another injured. These attacks include; one sniper, three hand grenades, one landmine. A Mobile Phone Tower was attacked and set on fire.

In the defense of the motherland, Sarmachar Second Lieutenant Sameer alias Naseeb son of Jan Muhammad, resident of Shapuk Dandal, bravely fought the enemy army in Balgatar Lop and was martyred.

Detailed report for the month of February 2022:


4th February

We pay homage to Second Lieutenant Sameer Baloch on his martyrdom: BLF

Balochistan Liberation Front Spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch paid homage to the martyred Second Lieutenant Sameer and said that on February 4, Sarmachaars were on a routine patrol in Balgatar Lop area of Panjgur when they were confronted by Pakistan Army and local death squad. In a two-hour long battle, Sarmachar Second Lieutenant Sameer alias Naseeb son of Jan Muhammad, resident of Shapuk Dandal, bravely fought against the enemy forces and gave a safe passage to his comrades. Several enemy soldiers were killed and wounded in the clash.

Shaheed Sameer has been with the organization since 2013. With his military prowess he rose to the rank of lieutenant. Shaheed Sameer Baloch was a very capable and expert comrade of guerrilla warfare. He had defeated the enemy forces on many fronts with great courage.

It is to be noted that Iltaf son of Jaado was killed by the Pakistani army a day before his capture in Tijaban, and showed him a Sarmachaar.


6th February

In Gebon area of Kech district, Sarmachaars attacked Pakistan Telecommunication’s Ufone tower and set the tower and machinery on fire.


8th February

Sarmachaars were waiting for the attack on the convoy of the Pakistani army in Dal Bazaar of Dandar area of Kech, at 7 am. On the other hand, the enemy army attacked Sarmachaars. So, a long clash started which lasted for six hours.

Four helicopters reached the spot to assist the Pakistani army but Sarmachaars repulsed the Pakistani army with the best tactics. Eight Pakistani army personnel were killed and several others were injured in the clash.


9th February

Sarmachaars attacked a military post in Jhaoo, Zeelag with a sniper and killed a Pakistani army personnel.

After the attack, the enemy army chased the Sarmachaars and the Sarmarchars ambushed the occupying forces in Zelag Kaur (river). In the two-hour clash, four other Pakistani army personnel were killed and several others were injured. Gunship helicopters arrived for the support of the army. After repulsing the enemy forces, Sarmachar reached his safe places.



12th February

Pakistani army tried to encircle the Sarmachaars at Zandoi Gwash near Teertej area of Awaran, which led to a long skirmish between the occupying army and the Sarmachaars.

Four Pakistan Army personnel were killed and several others were injured in the clash while Sarmachar managed to repel the enemy’s attack. The Pakistan Army had the support of gunship helicopters.


18th February

Attacked the security personnel standing in front of the main gate of the Pakistan Army camp at Chib Rekani, Gwadar with automatic weapons, killing one of them.

⁍ A grenade attack was carried out by the Sarmachaars on the Apsar Abdaruk check post of Pakistan Army in Turbat city. It killed one soldier and wounded another.


19th February

Sarmachaars hurled a grenade at the checkpoint of the military headquarters in Chitkan Panjgur, which exploded inside the front, killing one army personnel and wounding another.




23rd February

The members of the local Death Squad of the occupying forces attacked the Sarmachaars at Zirbari, Zong Dap in Tijaban Karki area of Kech district. Sarmachaars, using the best guerrilla warfare tactics, repulsed the attack by state forces. Meanwhile, a member of the Death Squad, Pullan son of Maksad was killed and one of his colleague was injured.

The Pakistani army then rushed to the aid of its death squad with an ambulance and took away the dead and wounded.

24th February

Sarmachaars stormed a checkpoint of the occupying forces in Balgatar Aasank area of Kech district, killing one soldier and wounding another.


28th February

Sarmachaars attacked the checkpoint of the Army Headquarters in Chitkan area of Panjgur with a grenade. A grenade exploded inside the front, killing one and wounding another.


⁍ Sarmachaars targeted the Pakistani army with a landmine in Chanal Gazi area of Jhaoo Tehsil, Awaran District. Sarmachaars planted a landmine at a military checkpoint that they had evacuated after an attack. A landmine exploded as troops entered in it, killing two and wounding two.