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BLF releases monthly report and armed activities of May 2021

sangar publication

 - 07 Jun, 2021 at 2:50 pm


BLF Activities Published by “Ashoob” from the statements of BLF spokesperson Major Gwahram Baloch issued in Electronic and Print Media.

During the month of May 2021, Nine (9) lethal attacks were carried out on Pakistani forces and their facilitators. More than Thirteen (13) Pakistani soldiers were killed and dozens injured.

02nd May 2021
BLF fighters attacked with heavy weapons and fired two 82 shell on the the newly-built residential headquarters of Pakistani military in Mashkay Gajjar area of District Awaran, Occupied Balochistan.

Similarly, an army post in Alangi area of Mashkay Valley was targeted by the BLF fighters with rockets and heavy weapons. The Pakistani forces have suffered casualties in these attacks.

After the successful attack on the military camp in Mashkay, the Pakistani army moved towards mountains of Koh-Ispeth in pursuit of BLF fighters in Mashkay. The military convoy included two motorcycles and vehicles on the front line. Their move backfired when the two motorcycles struck a pre-laid landmine in the Koh-Ispeth River, killing two military personnel and injuring two others. Shortly afterwards, a gunship helicopter arrived to pick up the corpses of Pakistani soldiers.

Two hours after the attack, the BLF fighters targeted a military convoy in the Bunduki area of Mashkay Valley, in which some Levies personnel in the guise of army men were killed and injured.

The BLF Marksman shot and killed one Pakistan military personnel at a military post in Mussa Kaur area of Asia bad, Tump district Kech, Occupied Balochistan.

09th May 2021
The BLF Fighters targeted two Pakistani military vehicles with rockets and heavy weapons at Ahmed Chankar, Nok Kaur (river) in Dasht area of District Kech, Occupied Balochistan. One vehicle came under attack in which all five personnel on board were killed on the spot while the military personnel in the other vehicle were also killed or injured. Just after the attack, the occupying army’s gunship helicopter came to pick up its dead and wounded Pakistani military personnel.

11th May 2021
The BLF fighters today clashed with the Pakistani army in Patandar area of Mashkay Valley, District Awaran, Occupied Balochistan when they were heading towards the mountains in pursuit of the BLF fighters. This led to a two-sided clash. The BLF fighters repulsed the occupying forces with rockets and heavy weapons. Three Pakistani military personnel were killed and several others were injured in the clash.

20th May 2021
The BLF fighters attacked a military post near Kaor (river) in Dandar area of District Kech, Occupied Balochistan with rockets and heavy weapons. Pakistani forces suffered casualties in a two-sides attack on the check post.

21st May 2021
The BLF fighters hit two Frontier Corps patrolling motorcycles with remote-controlled bomb near Bashir Chowk on Qambrani Road in Quetta the capital city of Occupied Balochistan. As a result, two personnel on the motorcycle were killed and two FC personnel on the other motorcycle were injured.

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