Noor Jan sacrificed his life to avoid the humiliation of offering his daughter to the occupying army. BNM

sangar publication

 - 21 May, 2021 at 9:54 am


The central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement said that the Pakistan Army was openly playing with the dignity and honor of the Baloch nation. The Army had been intervening in every step of life. Now the situation had reached a point where Baloch are even left with no choice to decide the marriage of their children. In Harooni Dann area of Awaran, the Pakistani army called Noor Jan Baloch to a military camp and threatened him to hand over his daughter to the army. Noor Jan instead committed suicide sacrificing his life for his honor and dignity but did not allow his honor to be violated.

The spokesperson of Baloch venerated the sacrifice of Noor Jan: “We salute him for this sacrifice.”

He said Noor Jan’s crime was that he married his daughter to a Baloch activist despite threats of dire consequences. In the eyes of Pakistan, this is an unforgivable crime. The Pakistani army then detained him along with his son and other close relatives, later transferred them to a military camp. They were brutally tortured. As a result of the tortures, both of Noor Jan’s kidneys failed. After this inhuman torture the army released Noor Jan Baloch from the camp on the condition that he would present his daughter in the military camp, otherwise he would be once again punished along with his children.

The spokesman said that this proud Baloch sacrificed his life to avoid the humiliation of bringing his daughter to the occupying army.

“We have no hope from Pakistani media, civil society and so-called parliamentarians but it is the fundamental duty of every individual of Baloch nation to raise their voice on this tragic incident and prove that Pakistan can take our lives but cannot disgrace and trample our honor and dignity in front of our eyes.”

The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement asserted, “We will strongly resist such acts. The ongoing struggle is for the protection of Baloch people’s honor and dignity, which is possible only in an independent homeland