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Reports of sexual abuse of women by the Pakistani army and its operatives is alarming.  BNM

sangar publication

 - 10 May, 2021 at 10:12 am


The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement said that the news of sexual abuse of women by Pakistani army in Mashkay was a horrific incident. There is a need to speak out against such incidents.


The spokesman said that the incident took place in the month of January with the family members of Shaheed Jumma. During a military operation, the women of the family of Shaheed Jumma and Hakim Baloch were sexually abused by the wanton Death Squad. The family refrained from exposing the barbarism because of threats from the occupying forces and its death squads. The news came out from a source five months later.

“It is not difficult to gauge the barbarity and terror of the Pakistan Army and its instrumental death squads.” remarked he


Explaining in detail, he said that there is a wide mountain range between Jahoo and Mashkay which was inhabited by thousands of shepherds. They included Hakim Baloch and several of his relatives. The Pakistani army set fire to Hakim Baloch’s house at least ten times. Hakim Baloch’s youngest son Muhammad Jumma was taken into custody on April 30, 2015 and his body was dumped by the army the next day (May 1, 2015). His son Habib and two grandchildren were severely tortured. Many people were forcibly disappeared and languishing in torture cells for years. The houses of Yaqoob, Dad Muhammad and Ghulam Rasool were also burnt down by the army and were forced to relocate near military camp. The Pakistani army not only set fire to their homes but also looted more than 500 of their livestock. Most of them have been forced to live near military camps, while large numbers have migrated to Western Balochistan and Afghanistan.


The spokesman said that the recent incident is a joint crime of the army and its death squads. The main culprits are Shera son of Ahmed, Khudadad son of Abdul Karim Muhammad Hasani, both are the right hands of Ali Haider Mohammad Hasani. A few women and children of the family from Acharen went to the mountainous area to pick firewood, where they fallen prey in to the hands of these wanton beasts. They were threatened with serious consequences if the news comes out after women have been sexually abused. That is why the affected family has remained silent. The Pakistani army and Sardar Ali Haider’s group are directly involved in this horrific incident. Sardar Ali Haider Mohammad Hasani’s group has been involved in such incidents before. He has repeatedly taken innocent girls and forced them to marry his agents.


Baloch National Movement spokesperson said that such incidents were happening frequently in Balochistan but due to fear and terror of the army, the voices of the victims were suppressed and could not reach to the Baloch media.


The spokesman said that although five months have passed since the incident, but the passage of time will not alter the nature of incidents nor change the quest of justice.


The spokesperson stressed, “We as Baloch must remember that the criminal silence on every incident leads to new incidents. Political, social, human rights activists and activists on social media should raise their voices against this horrific incident, otherwise these wanton beasts will continue to increase their brutality with our mothers and sisters.

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