The whole nation is tormented by the sexual violence against the young Murad Ameer. BNM

sangar publication

 - 22 Apr, 2021 at 9:12 am


The incident with the young Murad Amir is a blow to our collective spirit and honor.

The central spokesman of the Baloch National Movement strongly condemned the rape of a minor, Murad Ameer, by the Pakistani army in Hoshap, district Kech, saying that the Pakistani army was not a human being but a mob of beasts. The army has been committing crimes against humanity and war crimes in Balochistan for the past two decades, including the Baloch genocide. We have been providing information to the world for many years that Pakistan should be held accountable for war crimes in Balochistan so that it does not repeat the bloody and inhumane history of Bangladesh. The silence of international organizations, media blackout and the attitude of journalists and human rights organizations towards Balochistan have exacerbated this horrific situation.

He said it was not the first of its kind and would not be the last. In Balochistan, many women and children have fallen victim to such atrocities at the hands of the Pakistani army, but only a few of them have come to light. Traditionally in Baloch society, due to the sensitivity of the issue like rape, the family members of the victims themselves refrain from talking about it, but nowadays the main and basic reason is the immense pressure from the Pakistani army. In this case also, an attempt is being made to silence the victim’s family through money and threats. Murad Ameer’s elder brother has been taken into custody by the Pakistan Army and threatened to withdraw the FIR. But as long as we remain silent, this savage army will continue to increase its atrocities. The Baloch as a nation must speak out on this issue and expose the ugly face of Pakistan.

The spokesman said that there was no room for such incidents in Baloch society. Even the worst of characters are reluctant to do such a thing. The whole nation is tormented by the sexual violence against the young Ameer Murad at the hands of the Pakistani army. If our response is weakened, Pakistan will not leave any stone unturned in humiliating us and will continue to undermine our national dignity and our traditions.

He said that whether it was the incident of Hayat Baloch or today the rape of Murad Ameer, Pakistan could fall to any extent to humiliate us, kill us and subdue us psychologically. This state cannot be expected to be a good, humane and produd enemy. Living in Pakistan and living a life of Baloch national identity and dignity is nothing but aspiration.

The spokesperson said that the incident with the minor Murad Ameer was a blow to our collective spirit and honor. We will not forget such atrocities for centuries. The enemy must remember that if the alive nations could be subjugated by such heinous acts, Bangladesh would still be a slave to Pakistan.