UN is bound to recognise Baloch independence movement – Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

sangar publication

 - 26 Feb, 2021 at 6:28 pm

Prominent Baloch leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch has said that UN is morally bound to recognize Baloch independence movement if they follow Pakistani envoy’s logic.


In a tweet on Friday, the Baloch leader said: “Baloch are fighting an armed struggle for their suppressed self-determination and freedom, following that logic the UN is morally bound to recognise the Baloch independence movement,”


The logic he referred in his tweet was Pakistani envoy to UN Munir Akram’s statement at UN.

Mr Akram talking about Pakistan’s Kashmir policy in his briefing to UN security council had said: “The struggle of peoples for self-determination cannot be equated with terrorism. Peoples whose right to self-determination has been recognized and which is being forcibly suppressed, have the right, under the Charter and the resolutions of the UN General Assembly, to resort to all possible means, including armed struggle to secure their right to self-determination.”


Dr Allah Nazar is a prominent Baloch leader, He is struggling for “independence of Balochistan”. In a video message last week the Baloch leader had said that: “if Pakistani diplomats overtly favor Kashmiris that they have the right to acquire arms and military hardware, which is permitted in the Charter of UNO, then the Baloch also have the same rights.”

“Similarly, if they are entitled, then we expect the same from India, China, Britain, our Arab friends in the Middle East, the US, and the rest of the civilized world that they would support the Baloch nation,” he added.

He added that in view of the grave atrocities in Balochistan, the region should be declared a no-fly zone. “I appeal to all powers of the world, be it the US, France, Britain, other temporary members of (the UN) Security Council, like India and others, and the Secretary-General of the UNO that Balochistan should be declared as a no-fly zone and international observers should be sent to visit the area.