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Sangar complete and thoughtful documentary report and analysis – By Editor-in-Chief , Dosten Baloch

sangar publication

 - 03 Feb, 2021 at 8:37 am

The year 2020

200 people killed in Balochistan,
705 went missing in 682 military operations in 2020
More than 1,100 homes set on fire


The year 2020 proved to be a difficult year in Baloch national history, where Pakistani ground and air bloody military operations continued even at the last sunset of 2020.

This year, as every year, Sanger compiled statistics on serious human rights violations and war crimes in Balochistan by the Pakistan Army, obtained from Balochistan’s official print media, social media and local sources, and are verified.

According to data obtained by Sanger, the Pakistani military conducted 682 operations in occupied Balochistan during the year, and 705 Baloch went missing by security forces.

While two hundred (200) dead bodies were recovered. 122 Baloch were martyred by military, intelligence agencies and state death squads. According to statistics, the motives of 60 bodies could not be ascertained and 18 bodies could not be identified.

During 2020, the Pakistani army looted more than 2,200 homes, looted the valuables and set more than 1,100 homes on fire.

According to available data, Pakistani forces also set up 60 new outposts.

During the operations, more than 4,000 cattle were killed and more than 2,000 were taken away as spoils of war.

In the same year, the Pakistani army launched a new series of burning of natural forests throughout Balochistan, including Dasht, Buleda, Parom, Zamuran, Mand, Jhao Gichk, Mashkay and Bolan.

State forces also burnt three schools in Buleda Tehsil in Kech District.

In 2020, 106 missing persons were recovered from the Pakistani torture cells; most of them went missing in different months of the same year.

The year 2020 was devastating for the Baloch nation from its dawn to sunset, where the year began with state bombings and operations, the assassination of Sajid Baloch in Sweden and in December, the martyrdom of Karima Baloch, adding another bloody year to Baloch national history.

After the disappearance and assassination of Sajid Baloch in Sweden, the assassination of pro-independence leader Karima Baloch in Canada shook the Baloch nation. Social and human rights activists, including oppressed nations around the world, continue to protest.

Since Karima Baloch was an effective voice, she martyred under a special and organized strategy, on which hardly any area of ​​occupied Balochistan is left where there was no protest.

The ongoing atrocities in Balochistan over the past two decades have been increasing with each passing month and year. There is no area left that has not been set on fire, people have not been evacuated, houses have not been set on fire. In fact, no area in Balochistan is safe from this fire.

On a daily basis, the military and intelligence agencies are picking up people and disappearing them. Homes and cattle are being looted. The parallel terrorist death squads of state forces, intelligence agencies and the army have made life a hell for the Baloch nation on their own soil.

It has become clear like a daylight that Pakistani barbarism has given birth to a human tragedy in Balochistan. The affected families are in an indescribable situation. This situation is getting worse day by day.

Disappearing people is a serious crime. No law in the world allows a person to go missing but this inhumane act is on the rise in Balochistan. This is a clear war crime. Pakistan should have been brought to book for this crime but at the cost of people’s emotions, compulsions and human tragedy, Pakistan is being acquitted of this crime.

Pakistan, on the one hand, is in a state of disarray due to lack of foreign investment, economic and diplomatic policies, and on the other hand, the movements of the subjugated nations have made the country even more dilapidated. The people in Sindh including Muhajirs are demanding of a complete independence. The Pashtun nation has not given any slogan about freedom, but seeing the barbarism of Pakistan, in the days to come, there is no way for them except the struggle for freedom.

The nations of the region, especially the Baloch and the Sindhis, have reached a point in the struggle of their occupied countries which will lead them to a successful destination.

In the year 2020, where dozens of Baloch including Malik Naz were martyred, on the other hand, the Baloch nation challenged the enemy against this atrocity. Similarly, Major Noora and other Sarmachar martyrs also inflicted a humiliating defeat on the occupying Pakistani army.

The bloodshed of Shaheed Malik Naz and wounds of Bramsh, in Dannuk Kech, has once again made Balochistan the center of global attention. Similarly, Hayat Baloch was dragged in front of his parents by the occupying army and shot 8 times in a row.

Hayat Baloch’s martyrdom, Dannuk incident sparked a wave of protests across Balochistan, which clearly shows that Baloch society is fed up with these state actors. Protests are a good development and they play an important role in allaying internal fears.

The targeted attacks of Baloch self-scarifiers have breathed new life into the struggle for Baloch national liberation. Certainly the sacrifices of the Baloch youth dedicated to the spirit of nationalism and national liberation are the guarantor of a bright future for the Baloch nation.

Pakistan’s economy is based on 72 years of exploitation and genocide of the Baloch nation. The of Karachi Stock Exchange is a foundation and symbol of this exploitative economy. The self-scarifiers of Majeed Brigade attacked the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and conveyed the message that the economy which is being built by the enemy at the cost of looting and blood of Baloch, Baloch Sarmachar should target it anywhere.

Pakistan has become a nightmare not only for its neighbors, the region but also for the world because of its war crimes. Baloch Freedom Fighters are martyred while fighting valiantly against the enemy on the battlefield and the enemy army desecrates their bodies.

During the military operations, humiliation of women, abduction of youths, sexual abuse with them, looting of houses, detention, massacre, open use of gunship helicopters, bombing, etc. are common practice by Pakistan.

But neighboring countries, and the world, are silent on the Pakistani military’s war crimes. In occupied Balochistan, the reach of international media is completely banned. Pakistani media itself is not allowed to report, therefore the ongoing state war crimes are not exposed to the world

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