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BRAS’ message to Sindhi nation on the occasion of GM Syed’s birth anniversary

sangar publication

 - 18 Jan, 2021 at 10:49 am

The time has come for Baloch and Sindhi nations to unite against the Pakistani occupation: BRAS.

Baloch Khan, spokesman for the Baloch Raji Ajoi Sanger (BRAS), said in a statement on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sindhi nationalist leader Saeen GM Syed that Baloch and Sindhi people are historically brotherly nations. For thousands of years our pain, joy, friends and enemies have been common. Even today, there are millions of Baloch people are living in Sindh and they are a peaceful part of this land and culture. But the Sindhis, the heirs of the historic Indus Civilization, and the Balochs, inheritors of the Mehrgarh Civilization today face a common occupation of the nascent, satanic and unnatural state of Pakistan. The time has come for the Baloch and Sindhi people to unite against this Pakistani occupation and drive out the Punjabi occupier from their lands and restore their historic independent status.

Baloch Khan further said that the philosophy and continuous struggle of Saeen GM Syed is a beacon for not only the Sindhi nation but also all the oppressed and downtrodden nations of the whole region, including the Baloch. GM Syed’s philosophy and the path shown against the occupier is constant and armed resistance. Saeen had seen in his life experiences that an uncivilised enemy like Punjab does not understand the language of non-violence or peaceful struggle. The enemy today Baloch and Sindhi are facing has not changed, but has become more savage and brutal than in the past.

We would like to send a message to the Sindhi nation on the occasion of GM Syed’s birthday that they should stand up for the independence of Sindh by following his philosophy of armed resistance, strengthen their pro-independence organizations so that Baloch and Sindhis can fight together for the freedom of their lands.

The BRAS spokesman added that on July 26, 2020, a historic joint front was formed between the BRAS(an umbrella organisation of 4 Baloch armed organisations: BLA, BLF, BRA, BRG) and the Sindh’s pro-independent organisation ‘Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army.’ It is a milestone in the history of Baloch and Sindhi resistance. This common front has to be further strengthened to reach every Baloch and Sindhi house, so every house should be a front for independence against the enemy.

Baloch Khan added that the Baloch and the Sindhi nations are facing not only direct occupation but also many common problems arising from this occupation. Against which we desperately need a joint struggle under a common strategy. Pakistan and China, through a joint nexus want to pursue their illegitimate political, economic and military interests within the region by continuing the occupation of Sindh and Balochistan. They also want the permanent occupation of our shores, resources and seas from Gwadar to Badin under the imperialist project of CPEC.

A vicious conspiracy is being hatched to sow the seeds of intolerance and terrorism by importing religious extremism into our lands and destructing our secular values and culture. Enemy is also carrying out the colonial tactics of settling outsiders to convert the Baloch and Sindhi nations into minorities on their own lands. Our islands are being openly occupied.

The spokesman concluded that Balochs and Sindhis have been living on their lands for thousands of years and have been fighting various invaders and occupiers at different times. As in history, we have always succeeded in protecting our lands and civilizations by expelling every invader from our land, the fate of this occupier will not be different than them. The time has come for the Sindhis and the Balochs to unite to reduce the days of occupation by this foreign invader and looter and defeat it by strengthening our common front.

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