Bolan: 11 personnel of Pakistani military killed, outposts captured – BLA

sangar publication

 - 27 Dec, 2020 at 1:30 pm

The fighters of Baloch Liberation Army attacked outposts of Pakistani military in Jhalawan Thank area of Shahrag, Bolan and killed 11 personnel of Pakistani military. The outposts were completely captured in the attack. BLA accepts responsibility of today’s attack.  Jeeyand Baloch, spokesman for the Baloch Liberation Army says in statement

The fighters of Baloch Liberation Army, under organised plans, attacked and subsequently captured outposts of Pakistani military in Bolan today. At least 11 personnel of Pakistani military were killed in the attack, whereas, multiple others fled leaving behind their weapons and dead bodies. The outposts were under the control of BLA for more than two hours and the weapons and belongings of enemy forces were confiscated.

The uncivilised occupying forces have been completely defeated by Baloch freedom fighters on all fronts. Therefore, they have resorted to violence on innocent civilians, particularly women and children, and non-combatant political workers. Now their cunning acts are not limited to Balochistan and they have begun targeting Baloch refugees and journalists in foreign countries too.

Baloch Liberation Army considers the defence and liberation of Baloch nation its utmost responsibility. We cannot allow the enemy forces to run rampage against innocent civilians, women and children. Today’s attack was only a short trailer. If innocent Baloch civilians, women and children are not safe and continue to be targeted in Balochistan or abroad then the non-combatant citizens of the enemy state will also not find refuge. We have full capability of starting a similar war in Punjab that the enemy is trying to impose on Baloch nation in Balochistan and other countries.