10 personnel of Pakistani Army eliminated in Awaran – BRAS

sangar publication

 - 21 Dec, 2020 at 8:18 pm


Baloch Khan, the spokesperson of Baloch Raaji Aajohi Sangar, has said in a statement that at least 10 personnel of Pakistani Military were eliminated by Baloch freedom fighters in Awaran. Several personnel of Pakistani military were also injured in the attack on a convoy of military vehicles and motorbikes in Jath Bazar, Kolwah.

The enemy forces were targeted when they were carrying out an operation against civilians in the area. These forces have carried out similar operations in the area in past forcing thousands to abandon their ancestral homes.

Baloch Khan added that Baloch freedom fighters are always prepared to defend Baloch civilians and their interests. The occupying forces, their agents and all exploitative projects will continue to face severe attacks.