The presidential ordinance of annexing Balochistan’s Islands under the control of Pakistani federal State confirms our concerns. BNM

sangar publication

 - 10 Oct, 2020 at 12:42 pm


“Annexation of the occupied islands is a slap on the face of those who celebrating the 18th Amendment.”

The Spokesman for the Baloch National Movement termed Pakistan’s presidential ordinance on the islands of Balochistan and Sindh as another attack on the Baloch and Sindhi nations and a robbery of their coast and resources. Such tactics by the occupiers of the occupied territories are not new. This only proves all our concerns, expressed long ago, that plans were being made to seize Balochistan’s coastal belt and separate it from Balochistan.

The spokesman said that Pakistan was resorting to the so-called constitution and legislation to strengthen its rule over all subjugated nations including Baloch and Sindhis and to strengthen its occupation. It is a universal fact that legislation and the constitution of the occupier have no place in the occupied territories. Resistance by the Baloch and Sindhi nation against such measures is a natural phenomenon.


He said that the establishment of the Pakistan Island Development Authority to occupy the precious islands of Baloch and Sindhis is a slap on the face of those who rejoice over the 18th amendment. In fact, the Eighteenth Amendment was a hoax and an attempt to upbeat the Baloch nation through parliamentary groups. The fact is that even the parliamentarians knew that the 18th Amendment was a deception and a mirage, but they joined the state in this deception and became complicit in the crime. Today, Pakistan’s so-called 18th Amendment also proved to be a tissue paper. Islands are situated only in Balochistan and Sindh while the Islamabad-based legislation itself is proof that this is an occupying policy of Baloch coast and an attack on the livelihood of Baloch and Sindhi fishermen. Fishermen in Balochistan are already protesting against the horrific destruction of aquatic life and extermination of fish resources caused by foreign trawlers and nets who are licensed to fish in Sindh and Balochistan while adding to this injustice the state has restricted local fishermen from fishing in their own ancestral fishing areas.

The spokesperson said that Pakistan was wailing in Kashmir over the repeal of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which takes place in broad daylight. On the other hand, rumours of a secretive presidential ordinance on the islands of Balochistan and Sindh surfaced in the media on September 2, but the ordinance was revealed later on October 6. The reason for this secrecy was because they knew that they were going to commit a robbery. These islands belong to the people of Balochistan and Sindh. These cannot be seized by any ordinance. The Baloch and the Sindhis will have to put up a strong resistance against this. The Baloch federalists have already bargained for Balochistan as they are unable to defend the islands even in the name of the so-called 18th Amendment. Puppet Chief Minister Jam Kamal, following in the footsteps of his ancestors, keeps writing his name in black words, by approving to keep everything of Balochistan in Pakistan’s swing. All those people and groups who believe in the Pakistani parliamentary system are complicit in this crime.

He said that fishermen live on these islands and will remain so. The Baloch nation will not allow Pakistan at any cost to set up a fictitious institution headed by an army general and call it development and intensify the exploitation of our land and resources. The occupation of the islands and the “Pakistan Island Development Authority” is a test case. If the Baloch and the Sindhi nation do not put up a strong resistance against it, then in the coming days Pakistan will take further steps to strengthen its occupation of our national lands, which is terrible.