Disregarding international norms and war ethics and laws, exposes the barbarism of Pakistan: Dr. Allah Nizar

sangar publication

 - 03 Oct, 2020 at 5:43 pm

Pro-independence leader Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch in his statement, while commenting on the martyrdom of Baloch sons by the Pakistan army in Tump, called the desecration of their dead bodies by burying them in a trench, unethical and inhumane. He said that by disregarding international norms and war ethics and laws, this not only exposes the barbarism of Pakistan but it also makes the belief of the Baloch nation stronger that living a life within this state is an utmost humiliation and disgrace for them.

Dr. Allah Nizar said that by not handing over the dead bodies of martyrs to their families; raises the suspicion that Pakistan had used chemical weapons. Because, on the battlefield, despite having a huge number of personnel armed with modern weapons, the death toll of the enemy is always much higher.

He said that it is surprising that the state which drags the dead bodies of Baloch martyrs for miles, instead of handing them over to their families burns their dead bodies, and disgraces them, dig trenches with tractors and dump them. They use the terms like Islamic, democratic, and Reyasat-e-Madina (the city-state at the time of the prophet PBUH), yet it never awakens the conscience of religious leaders and they don’t dare to speak against all these evil deeds. They never see the contempt for Islam and humanity by the army. The so-called Baloch nationalists (Pakistani parliamentarians) are also a partner in these crimes because Baloch youth are not sacrificing their lives for one particular class or region, in fact, their sacrifices are for the greater cause of Balochistan where Baloch are taking part without discriminating on the bases of color, caste, and race.

Dr. Allah Nizar said that Pakistan had been violating war rules and ethics for the last twenty years, but the Baloch guerrillas, despite being a weaker opponent against a powerful enemy, had given international rules war, and conventions top priority. They never disgraced the dead bodies of killed soldiers; while following the international conventions, the surrendered soldiers, after going through fair trials, were released alive. But there is not a single example from Pakistan. It enforcedly disappears innocent people and keeps them in torture chambers for years. It is implementing the policy of collective punishment on the entire Baloch nation.

Dr. Allah Nizar said that the incident in Tump is not the first; Pakistan had been involved in war crimes, human rights violations, and genocide for a long time. We don’t regret that Irfan Baloch and Noor Khan Baloch embraced martyrdom, but we resent the fact that we are fighting against an enemy that has no ethics and humanity left in it. The coward enemy, instead of handing over the Baloch martyrs bodies to their families, dumped them in a trench which further exposes the war crimes of Pakistan. Pakistan should realize that war crimes and barbarism would not make the Baloch nation surrender and keep them enslaved forever. There is not a single instance in human history where living nations were kept enslaved indefinitely with inhumanity and terror.