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Killing of youngsters like Hayat Baloch are not accidental but targeted. Khalil Baloch

sangar publication

 - 17 Aug, 2020 at 11:40 am

The chairman of Baloch National Movement Chairman Khalil, in a statement, said that the cold blood killing of Hayat Baloch by the army in Turbat is not the first incident of its kind. Such killings are frequent across Balochistan but due to the lack of media and human rights organizations, attention such killings go unnoticed and unreported.

He said: “the callous killing of young Hayat Baloch was horrific and was the worst example of the brutality the Pakistani army carries out frequently in Balochistan. For the last two decades, Pakistan has been targeting and killing intelligentsia from all spheres of Baloch society. So far, countless teachers, students, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and other capable people have been killed. The assassination of Hayat Baloch is also the continuation of the same policy.”

“Attempts are being made to describe the incident as accidental, but we believe that such a promising youth with a bright future has been killed after being identified. Because besides being a worthy and capable student, he has also been active in various social and welfare volunteer activities. Such activities are definitely a pain in the neck for Pakistan.”  said Khalil Baloch.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said such examples of terror can only be traced in the ranks of notorious ISIS while in the rest of the world it is unimaginable to kill an unarmed youth in front of his parents for no apparent reason. Only the Pakistan Army is allowed to carry out such heinous acts in Balochistan with complete impunity. The extent of the brutality is such that when the mother heard the screams of his son and rushed to his rescue, the savage army personnel, in an instant of hatred and disrespect to the Baloch nation, removed the headscarf from the head of Hayat Baloch’s mother, tied his hands and feet with the same headscarf and dragged him on the road and opened fire on him in front of his of parents.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the killing of Hayat Baloch was a manifestation of extreme hatred against the Baloch nation by Pakistan. With each incident, the colonial face of Pakistan is becoming more apparent. Earlier, many youths have been shot dead in front of their parents by the brutal army of Pakistan. Speaking of Kech only, Mulla Rafiq in Dasht-Kuros Tank and earlier Mulla Rafiq’s brother Hayat Bewas, who was disabled due to military torture was dragged out from his home and fire opened on him in front of a whole village. Video of Mulla Rafiq’s murder also went viral on social media. Suleiman Baloch, a senior BNM activist, was killed in front of his family in Kech is another example. There are hundreds of such killings.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said: “The assassination of Hayat Baloch was an open message to the Baloch youth that Pakistan could target them at any time. Surely, we are a colony of an unnatural state which is devoid of human values. Here the observance of the constitution, traditions, and laws is non-existent for the Baloch. In Pakistan’s eyes, the Baloch are mere slaves. Baloch have no legal or human rights except that Pakistan has bestowed the right of “death” for the colonized Baloch nation. The time and place of which is always decided at the will and wish of the Pakistani occupying Army. It is time to snatch this killing power from the Pakistan army.

He said that Baloch youth who witness such horrific incidents in front of their eyes should realize what they should do as sons of the soil of a colonized nation. Baloch youth should realize that history has placed a great responsibility on them. It is better to be a practical part of the national movement than to be killed unarmed by the Pakistani army so that our future generations can be safe from the evils of Pakistan.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said the arrest of an FC official in connection with the murder of Hayat Baloch was an attempt to throw dust in the eyes of the Baloch nation and acquit the state, as such war crimes had raised hatred against Pakistan in the Baloch nation. Pakistan fears that the long-suppressed Baloch nation will once again take to the streets like in the martyrdom of Malik Naz and expose the state’s barbarism to the world. Pakistanis will certainly try to use the deception of arresting an official in favor of Pakistan but we make it clear that it is not the job of an official or the army but the killer of Hayat Baloch is the state of Pakistan.

The chairman of the Baloch National Movement has appealed to human rights organizations to break the silence on the genocide of the Baloch nation as Hayat Baloch was not the only incident but it was difficult for the state to hide it as it took place in the city. However, by this incident, we can better evaluate the war crimes of Pakistan committed in other parts of Balochistan. The fact is that such incidents are happening every day, but the silence of human rights organizations is increasing Pakistan’s brutality and war crimes.

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