A group in Europe attempts to reinforce the narrative of Pakistan: BRAS

sangar publication

 - 10 Jul, 2020 at 5:18 pm

Zamran: BRAS claims the responsibility for killing five army personnel

Baloch Khan, a spokesman for the Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar (BRAS), an umbrella organization of Baloch liberation armed groups, issued a statement to the media from an undisclosed location, claiming responsibility for the July 7 attack on the Pakistani army in the Zamran Jalagi area of Kech District, Balochistan.

Baloch Khan said in the statement that BRAS fighters targeted a convoy of five Frontier Corps vehicles, on July 7 at Nahing Kaor in the Zamran area of Kech District as they were heading to “Narom” military camp. The attack completely destroyed two army vehicles, killing five soldiers on the spot and injuring several others. In this fierce attack, the fighters besieged the army for a long time. To save their lives, the enemy army had to call in combat helicopters. However, all our Sarmachars (fighters) managed to get out safely after the attack.

Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar, adhering to the philosophy of national unity, is moving towards building a strong national army, which combines the Baloch resistance forces to launch the fiercest attacks on the enemy.

Baloch Khan further said BRAS considers the attack of Majeed Brigade on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi as a great example of sacrifice and innovation in the history of Baloch resistance, and fully supports the attacks of Majeed Brigade. By the greatest sacrifice, the Baloch martyrs illuminated new dimensions in the Baloch war of independence, by which the enemy could be defeated. BRAS salutes Shaheed Salman Hamal, Shaheed Shehzad Baloch, Shaheed Siraj Kungar and Shaheed Taslim Baloch.

He further said that Baloch Liberation Movement is a purely ideological and autonomous people’s movement, which has been nurtured by the martyrs with their blood, the history of which is full of sacrifices. The enemy has always tried to make this long series of sacrifices controversial and to show the movement to the world as imports and proxies so that the legitimate and legal right of the Balochs to freedom can be questioned and on the other hand to justify export business of terrorists from Pakistan in neighboring countries. Now, contrary to the realities of Pakistan, this senseless statement is being propagated by some Europe based people, who are claiming to be friends of Baloch.

Recently, a group of such controversial individuals reinforced the statement of hostile Pakistan and reiterated the Pakistani accusation against BRAS that it is an Iranian proxy, the same controversial group in Europe that has in the past accused BRAS’s one ally of being an Indian proxy. It has also accused General Aslam Baloch and all Baloch Fidayeens (sacrificer) of being proxies. BRAS describs the allegations as an attempt to reinforce the narrative of enemy Pakistan and to confuse the Baloch resistance forces into inter-party arguments instead of fighting the enemy, and BRAS strongly and vehemently denies the allegations. After BRAS’ denial, if the group repeats these allegations formally or informally in the future without providing fully credible evidence, we will be right to declare the group suspicious.