Baloch militants have not targeted any political party: BLF

sangar publication

 - 03 Jul, 2020 at 5:51 pm

Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch said in a statement issued to the media that Mir Hasil Bizenjo’s interview with Amir Zia on HUM News TV’s “Agenda Pakistan” maliciously distorted the ground realities of occupied Balochistan. The malice and lies of the host and guest of the program about the Baloch national freedom movement are obvious.

The first is that the Baloch militants have not targeted any political party, including the National Party, because of political differences, but have been targeting Pakistani military and intelligence agents disguised as political leaders and activists against the Baloch independence movement, and are involved supporting Pakistani military and intelligence agencies. It is the responsibility of these so-called political parties not to include military and intelligence agents in their ranks.

The question is whether Pakistan army and the operatives of intelligence agencies used National Party a bulwark against the Baloch independence movement with the consent of the National Party leadership, or it is just because of their incompetence?

Secondly, the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan is a historical reality. Pakistan, after its establishment, attempted to occupy the state of Kalat (Balochistan) with various tricks and excuses. Pakistan began pressurising then the ruler of Balochistan, Khan of Kalat, to join, but the state parliament flatly refused to sacrifice its national independence and identity while accepting accession to Pakistan. Hasil Bizenjo’s father, the late Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo, was one of prominent figure who raised his voice against the annexation in the parliament of Kalat (Balochistan). Balochistan is not a part of Pakistan but an occupied territory. Calling Pakistan a federation and doing politics within the federation within the federation shows his ignorance and exposes the lies of Hasil Bizenjo. A federation is formed with the free consent of various independent states while Pakistan is a country imposed by the British; it cannot be called a federation.

Statements from the National Party are on record. During the tenure of National Party, they proudly claimed to be on the same page with the army and security agencies. The Apex Committee meetings were held under the chairmanship of their Chief Minister where strategies and plans were made for military operations in order to crush Baloch nation struggle. The plan of snatching the coast and resources from Baloch nation and converting them into a minority and handing the coastal areas of occupied Balochistan to China by helping of China to fulfil its imperialist ambitions and Sea Pack project were approved in their tenure, but still Hasil Bizenjo pretend to be naive.

It seems doubtful, for what reason Hasil Bizenjo is trying to undermine the ongoing Baloch nation struggle comparatively calling it weaker to the previous arm struggles, either he is totally ignorant to the reality or he is deliberately doing it with malicious intentions. By the way, Hasil Bizenjo is full of contractions. On the one hand, he claims that there are some agents of foreign intelligence agencies fighting as mercenaries who do not have public support. On the other hand, he says that without the security he can’t get out of his house while Baloch Sarmachars have capacity to attack anywhere in Balochistan.

The continuation of the independence movement for the last twenty years is the strong proof that despite the brutal use of its bloodthirsty army by occupying Pakistan, installing of military checkpoints after every five kilometers, continuous military operations, dumping of thousands of mutilated bodies, enforced disappearance of thousands of Baloch children and the forced evacuation of millions of families, despite the fact that army control the media, the judiciary and rubber stamp parliament, but has failed to suppress the national movement for independence, which gives clear proof that the independence movement has the full support of the Baloch people.

BLF spokesman Gwahram Baloch said, “Baloch Sarmachars are not agents of foreign forces, but black wolves like Bizenjo disguised as politicians are agents of Pakistani army and intelligence agencies. If the National Party and other parties want to free the political process in occupied Balochistan from the clutches of corruption and secret services, they will have to change their hostile policies towards the Baloch independence movement and remove military agents like Hasil Bizenjo among their ranks.”