Balochistan: 2 dead bodies found, 4 go missing

sangar publication

 - 14 Sep, 2019 at 6:28 am

Sangar News

Two dead bodies discovered from Mastung and Chagai, 4 persons were abducted from Gwadar and Turbat areas of Balochistan.
A dead body discovered from Wali Khan Levies station in district Mastung of Balochistan on Friday.
Deceased has been identified as, Siraj Uddin s/o Ghulam Nabi Mirwani.
As per the reports, Siraj was shot killed.
Another dead body was found in Pad-Gyaban area of Chagai district.
The body was identified as, Agha Mohammed s/o Ghulam Qambarzai, who was missing for more than a month.
In another news, four persons were forcefully abducted reportedly by Pakistan army from District Kech and Gwadar, on Thursday evening.
According to details, security forces and intelligence services whisked away two young men from Dasht-Sholi area of Gwadar.
Abductees named as, Zakir s/o Maulla Bakhash and Adam s/o Abdullah.
The youngsters were abducted while repairing their car in a garage.
Whereas, Security forces forcefully disappeared two more men from Pedarak checkpoint in Turbat area of district Kech.
Abductees have been identified as Maula Bakhash s/o Dur Mohammed and Adil s/o Assa.
Another student named Arif s/o Khaliq Dad is still missing, who was abducted by Pakistani forces from from Kech district on 15 July this year.