Five Pakistani military personnel and collaborators eliminated in Zamuran & Tump – BLA

sangar publication

 - 12 Nov, 2022 at 7:14 am

Jeeyand Baloch,Spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army says  Freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army eliminated five and injured several enemy personnel and collaborators in two separate attacks in Zamuran and Tump.
In an attack in Zamuran, BLA fighters targeted Pakistani military personnel guarding an enemy team involved in installing fences and barbed wires at Goldsmid line. Two enemy personnel were eliminated and one was injured in the attack.
In Tump members of BLA’s Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS) targeted a two vehicle convoy of a Pakistani death squad formed by Pakistani military and its secretive agencies. The operation was carried out on credible information regarding presence of deathsquad leader Hameed and his gang.
In BLA’s attack three enemy collaborators Haneef, Amjid and Balaach were killed, while multiple others were injured. This gang is involved in extortion, thefts and aiding enemy forces during military attacks. The locals had been complaining about the group for a long time.
BLA once again makes it clear that the occupying forces and its collaborators will be brought to justice, and they will be held accountable for all brutalities. We warn the gang targeted yesterday and others to refrain from being involved in anti-Baloch activities for petty financial interests, or they will be made an example for others.
Jeeyand Baloch,Spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army