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The civil bureaucracy is also complicit in Pakistan army’s war crimes in Balochistan. Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

sangar publication

 - 12 Oct, 2021 at 9:14 am



Pro independent Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch strongly condemned firing of mortars on children by the Pakistani army in Hoshaab and said that killing of innocent civilians like Raamiz Baloch in Buleda, Sharratoon and Allah Bakhsh in Hoshaab and the elderly Baloch woman Taj Bibi in Askani are clear war crimes of the Pakistani army. The civil bureaucracy is equally complicit with the state of Pakistan and the Pakistani army. Whenever the Pakistani military commits a war crime, it is the civil bureaucracy that steps in to whitewash the military’s crimes.


Dr. Nazar Baloch said that despite the Pakistani barbarism and threats of dire consequences by the army, the people are holding sit-ins with the corpses of their children which is a clear evidence that the Baloch nation has once again refused to bow down to the terror of the Pakistani army. People are not intimidated by military threats and their dire consequences. The unarmed people have made the final decision to be brave in front of the enemy for their honor and survival. But here the civil bureaucracy, in the guise of Balochism, is crossing all limits by proving themselves as the loyal of their master, to mislead and lure the people and attempt to acquit the army from its crimes.


“The state of Pakistan is trying to provoke us in making a wrong and emotional step by infuriating us with such targeted killings and mortar shelling on the civil population, but we will decide and react to everything according to time and circumstances of our choice,” he said. The struggle for independence is a long journey and requires patience. The tolerance of the people and their stand with the pro-freedom organizations for two decades has made the occupying army lose its senses. That is why the army exposes its ugly face through killings like that of in Dannuk, in Buleda and in Hoshaab.


The Baloch leader said that Pakistan has banned Baloch nationalist politics and tried to fill this vacuum with state sympathizers and federalist parties.


The state sometimes provides a temporary relaxation to the people, but in its core it wants to continue to repeat such incidents with strength and impunity. The political parties that are also speaking the language of civil bureaucracy on the killing of children in Hoshaab should know that people do not keep the bodies of their children in the Chowks and intersections for compensation but are forced to hold sit-ins to expose the Pakistani war aggression to the world. Here the civil bureaucracy and local parties seem to be selling out the people’s bold protest for a few rupees, which is utterly disgraceful.


Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that Pakistan can kill our children, destroy our homes, make life miserable for us but will not be able to extinguish the burning flames of freedom in the hearts of the Baloch nation. Those who support the Pakistani state and do not speak of Baloch survival, and honor, they will earn humiliation and disgrace in history by participating in Pakistan’s war crimes. It is guaranteed that Baloch nation will be victorious in the court of history.

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