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Pakistan was created against the principles of history and evolution – Khalil Baloch

sangar publication

 - 21 Dec, 2020 at 9:45 am

Chairman of Baloch National Movement, Khalil Baloch, said that by presenting a resolution in the UN General Assembly for the right to self-determination against neo-colonial and foreign occupation, the Baloch national position with regards to existing colonial system and foreign occupation in Balochistan has been confirmed. The State of Pakistan itself is the biggest occupying force in the world.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that just as Pakistan was created against the principles of history and evolution, similarly, every step of this state is full of contradictions. On one hand, Pakistan occupies the land of the subjugated nations, including the Baloch. On the other hand, it tabled the resolution of self-determination on the floor of the United Nations. In fact, this is the biggest joke of this century. It would be one another tragedy if the international community fails to implement this law in its fullest spirit.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the right to self-determination is included in the basic charter of the United Nations. The United Nations has passed resolutions in this regard on various occasions. Colonialism and occupation are still a major problem in the world and the United Nations has not been able to implement its charter effectively. This is not a successful policy of Pakistan but the result of the UN’s not implementing its policies. Due to this inaction, even occupiers like Pakistan boldly present resolutions in the UN General Assembly against the occupation.

He said that the Baloch nation does not demand the right of self-determination within the framework of Pakistan because the Pakistani occupation of Balochistan is as clear as daylight. Pakistan’s demand for the right to self-determination in the United Nations, including the resolution against colonial, external and foreign domination, not ending the occupation of Balochistan is a violation of the resolution itself. The declaration of independence on August 11, the refusal of both houses of the Baloch accession to Pakistan is the most important chapter in our history. Due to the international conspiracies of that time, Pakistan succeeded in capturing Balochistan, which were also revealed by leaked British documents a few years ago that Pakistan had the British blessings in occupying Balochistan. Given such clear facts, instead of the right to self-determination, the Baloch nation directly demands an end to the occupation of Balochistan and national independence.

He said that after the inclusion of the right to self-determination in the UN Charter, many resolutions confirm that colonialism is a serious humanitarian problem facing many nations, including the Baloch. The first duty of the United Nations is to address the fundamental issues of the nations, but unfortunately, the United Nations has so far failed to include the Baloch national issue in its agenda. We call on the United Nations to play its role in ending the Pakistani occupation of Balochistan in light of history and historical facts. This occupation is also mentioned in the present resolution. In the light of this resolution, many subjugated nations, including the Baloch, can be saved from foreign occupation.

Munir Akram, UN Ambassador to Pakistan, said that the adoption of the resolution reaffirmed our legal, political and ethical stand in support of all people, including the Kashmiri people so that they can struggle and stand up against occupation by all means available to them.

Munir Akram said that the resolution on the right to self-determination has renewed the international commitment to help those who are living under occupation and subjugation. Khalil Baloch said that we want to remind them to end their occupation of Balochistan before becoming advocates of Kashmir and others, otherwise, the world will be deceived by their words and would focus on only one area and make this resolution nothing but merely a piece of paper.

The text of the resolution was recommended last month by the Third Committee of the General Assembly, which deals with social, humanitarian, and cultural issues. Taking a report on social development from the Assembly stressed the importance of removing obstacles to the realization of the right to self-determination.

“The resolution clarifies that self-determination is a fundamental right of all people, including those under colonial and foreign domination,” added he.

Khalil Baloch said that we wonder why a terrorist and occupying country like Pakistan has brought a resolution to renew such a law. Not only us but the whole world should realize Pakistan’s ulterior motives and formulate its policies.

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