Gichk has been turned into a Nazi concentration camp. BNM

sangar publication

 - 22 Sep, 2020 at 10:23 pm

Baloch National Movement’s spokesman in a statement said that Pakistan had turned the Gichk area in Washuk district into a Nazi concentration camp. The humiliation of humanity has reached its peak there.

He said that the latest wave of operation in and around Gichk has been going on since August 11, 2020. Most mountain settlements have been forced to relocate near military camps. Majority of the men have been detained and are missing. Hundreds of homes have been set on fire. Wheat stocks have also been set on fire.

The spokesman said the latest situation in Gichk is like a Nazi concentration camp. For several days now, women of the area have been gathered under the open sky. Women are kept in this situation for many days. Some have been released after some time after undergoing mental and physical torture while other women are at the mercy of savage army.

“These are women who mostly lived in mountain settlements or at distant villages from heavy populated areas, and their men are mostly in the custody of the army,” he said. The army first evicted them from their homes, looted their belongings, then moved them to camps.

The spokesman said that two women who were held incommunicado and tortured in these camps gave birth to children today. The horrible thing is that no one, including other women from the camp were allowed to go near these women, but the whole process took place in the custody of male military personnel. During pregnancy, women were further tortured by keeping them in military camps.

He said the Baloch National Movement would launch an online campaign against this inhumane act on social media tomorrow (September 23) with the hashtag #SaveBalochWomen. All humanitarians are urged to take part in this campaign.