I Struggle for My Land and People's Fundamental Freedom and Basic Human Rights: Kachkol Advocate

(Sangar News)
Senior leader of Baloch National Movement (BNM) Kachkol Ali Advocate has said that Pakistan has violated 4 rule of Geneva Convention putting an innocent person Imdad s/o Ghaus Bakhsh, who was abducted from his shop in Gramkan area of district Panjgoor, Balochistan. He is put in an internment camp as a hostage in order to counter blast my constitutional and legal activities which I enjoy.  
He said that I am bound to perform my activities under the Declaration on the Rule of Law made by the international commission of jurists at Athens in 1955. Its item 4 says lawyers of the world should preserve the independence of their profession, assert the right of an individual under the Rule of Law and insist that every accused is accorded a fair trial.
Kahkol Advocate said that I have also been a victim due to my profession as a lawyer. As far as my property situated at Chitkan Panjgur, my walled construction was demolished by state sponsored death squads and security forces. Now a new construction is being carried out on it which is totally illegal. It is also violation of Article 4 and 24 of constitution of Pakistan itself. Article 24 of constitution holds that no person shall be deprived of his property, save in accordance with law.
He referred to international laws and said that similarly, article 17 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights says (2) no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.
He said that the striving and struggle for independence of justice is penetrated in my soul and is a part of perennial quest and ongoing battle for fundamental freedoms and basic rights of my peoples and their land. In nutshell I conclude with the immortal words of Byron:                            
"For freedom's battle once begin.                                         
 Though baffled oft is ever won"