Attacked construction company on CPEC link road in district Khuzdar. BLF

(Sangar News)

The spokesperson of Balochistan Liberation Front Goharam Baloch, called media houses from an unknown location and claimed responsibility of attack on construction company at CPEC link road in district Khuzdar.

Goharam Baloch said, on April 27th, 2018 around 9 pm BLF fighters attacked a construction company on CPEC link road in Garesha Naal, district Khuzdar. Seven vehicles including an oil tanker and dumper were severely damaged as result of attack.

This attack is a warning for local constructors. Anyone who will be part of state backed projects without the will of Baloch, will be dealt as criminals of Baloch nation. The exploitation projects which are an important part of Baloch national slavery, will never be allowed to complete.

Goharam Baloch warned constructors that, anyone who is part of those projects should avoid becoming part of occupier state machinery. Otherwise, they will be responsible for loss of their life and financial losses.