UN should declare Balochistan as an occupied territory: Dr. Allah Nazar

(Sangar News)

Pro-independence Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar said that Pakistan is committing war crimes and violating all human values in Balochistan to eliminate the Baloch nation and to sustain its occupation on Balochistan. 

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said that with the help of its imperialist ally China, Pakistan is committing extreme brutalities on the Baloch land to complete Pakistan China Economic Corridor (CPEC). In order to fulfill its imperialistic ambitions, China is investing a huge amount to achieve its strategic goals under the garb of commercial prospects in Balochistan. These projects are solely aimed at enhancing its military might. Apart from CPEC and Gwadar Port, China is building a large naval base in Jiwani area near Gwadar, from which not only Baloch nation is under threat but it will also disturb the balance of power in the entire region.

All exploitative projects, including the CPEC, are being built against the will of the Baloch people. Baloch nation is resisting against all such perfidious projects and the occupation of their land. China should understand the fact that, investing in Balochistan in partnership of the occupier of Baloch land is against international laws. And China should not be bewitched with the idea that it will create its hegemony in the region by crushing the Baloch liberation movement.

Baloch national leader said, Pakistani military is using brute force against the local population living on both sides of the central route of CPEC and displacing them en masse from their ancestral lands and it is still going on. In the name of CPEC, Baloch nation and large areas of Balochistan are being deliberately destroyed.

For the success of CPEC and the upcoming general elections, Pakistan Army is evicting the local mountain dwellers at gun point from their hamlets and forcibly settling them near army camps. Mountain dwellers’ source of income is livestock. They are being deprived of their livelihood, so that Pakistan would avoid another humiliating failure in the upcoming elections that they had suffered in the 2013 general elections.


He said, Baloch nation had expressed its democratic will in 2013 with boycotting the occupiers’ so-called general elections, which have a status of plebiscite. But once again, Pakistan is preparing to hold the farce of elections to mislead the world. The preparation of the elections with the force of the gun itself indicates that Baloch nation is not part of any political process within the Pakistani framework.


Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said, 32 women and children are in detention of Pakistani Army and its Death-Squads in Mashkay. Local population in different areas of district Awaran is forced to live near army camps. Women were martyred in Dera Bugti. In Turbat, security forces are evicting families from their homes. Violence on women, children and unarmed civilians are violations of international laws and global human rights norms.

For the last many days Pakistan Air Force is bombarding in Bamboor area. Cruelty and oppression is on its peak by ground forces. In different areas, including Lehri, Pakistani army is burning the harvest. Gunship helicopters and fighter jets are bombing on Baloch population. These all atrocities are being carried out on Baloch nation so that, they would withdraw their commitment with their national struggle and Pakistan can prolong its occupation of their land. But the history is a witness that living nations cannot be subdued by genocide, suppression and atrocities. The Baloch nation has fought for its liberation and sovereignty in the past as well as at present fighting to protect their country against the Punjabi occupation with their sweat and blood.


Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch appealed the United Nations that, instead of being more neglected, the world institutions should declare Balochistan a disputed land and take immediate action against Pakistan to prevent further atrocities and war crimes by Pakistani forces.