Genocidal operations continued in Baluchistan, international institutions should take notice: BSO-Azad

(Daily Sangar)Baluch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-Azad) central spokesperson termed the Pakistan Army’s military operations in Kolowah as an open aggression which is continued for last one month. During the ongoing Kolowah operation, common people are being abducted, killed and are being forced to do the forced-migration.

The spokesperson added that the unlimited use of power on common people is continued since years. With every passing day, the state forces widen the area of their barbarism and increase the difficulties of the common people.

From Makran till Koh-e-Suleman, the barbarism of the state forces has become a daily routine, but, despite such circumstances, the international institutions of human rights have adopted a criminal silence against the barbarism of Pakistan Army.

BSO-Azad spokesperson said that state forces are engaged with their operations in the central areas of Awaran, Kech and Panjgur since last one month. In result of the operations, two persons are killed until now, while hundreds of them are abducted.

The presences of state forces in the population, and their severe torture on people have compelled the residents of the several operation-hit-areas to migrate. Due to the operations, the communication system was already under the control of the forces.

After the passage of one month, the tight security is still present at the entry points of Kolowah, the movement of common people has been made limited forcefully which has affected the residents psychologically and economically.

The spokesperson added that the so-called Baluch nationalist parliamentarian parties are also silent over this open aggression of Pakistan Army.  These parties know that the Baluch nation has rejected them, that is why they have decided not speak against the aggression of the military, and to give priority to the gain of subsidization from the army, and such parties, now, have decided to make arrangements for their ignominy in the history.

Baluch Students organization-Azad said by focusing the international institutions that the Baluch are facing several bans and genocidal operations since last seven decades due to the occupation of Baluchistan by Pakistan. This is the responsibly of the international institutions to play their role for the stop of Baluch genocide.