School Teacher abducted in Awaran Balochistan

(Daily Sangar) On September 8, 2017, Pakistani security forces abducted a teacher Hafeez Baloch from Government High School in Teertej District Awaran, Balochistan.

Security forces cordoned the area during the teaching (working)hours and raided on the school and abducted the only science teacher of the school.

The family members and students of Hafeez says, “He is a caring, devoted and honest teacher who always teaches in a productive way and encourage students towards the betterment of education.

Its not the first time that professional and academics related experts are being targeted in Balochistan, hundreds of well-educated Baloch teachers, writers, doctors and professors were abducted and many of them got killed and their bodies found dumped in different areas.

Due to these atrocities and daily Army raids on schools, students are worried and concerned about the education system. Many schools were already turn in to Army checkpoints and vacant by Military.

Balochistan has the lowest literacy rate and if the crackdowns continue against the teachers, it will cause more damage to the whole education system in Balochistan.