BLF attacks Pakistani army, kills, injures several including a Lt. Colonel

(Daily Sangar) On Wednesday, Gwahram Baloch, the spokesperson of Balochistan Liberation Front talking from an undisclosed area, claimed responsibility of attacks on two Pakistan military personnels providing picket security to military convoy in Pittok area of Dasht district Kech, both of the military personnel were killed and confiscated their weapons and all other equipments. This area is connected to Gwadar and comes on the route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, that is why the military has been intensifying military operations rapidly since two years, due to which thousands of families were forced to evacuate and leave their homes.

On the same day, attacked on Pakistan military convoy in Kolwa area of Awaran, several military personnel killed and injured, including a Lieutenant Colonel. The Pakistani military is engaged in a bloody operation from two days in different areas of Kolwa, where gunship helicopters have constantly been shelling on the civil population. Baloch freedom fighters are fighting Pakistani army in defense of the civil population as they did in past. Gwahram Baloch added.

He said that on Tuesday, attacked on a Pakistan military check-point with heavy weapons in Gayab area of Mand, district Kech, Balochistan and inflicted heavy losses to the occupying army. These attacks will continue till Balochistan's independence.

In recent days, BLF fighters had arrested Qasim s/o bijjar along with his two sons Samiullah and Nusrat, from Gwarkop area of Pidark district Kech, Balochistan. After the investigation Qasim's sons were not proven guilty, so they were released. While Qasim was associated with Lashkar-e-Khorasan's militant Miran Aziz. He used to spy for ISIS linked Lashkar Khorasan backed by Pakistan army. Including providing them information, he used to Point Out the locations of Baloch freedom fighters to Lashkar-e-Khurasan and Pakistan Army. He was executed for his crimes. We appeal to Baloch people, anyone who is linked with Miran Aziz, a religious terrorist and his like murderers of Baloch should end their relations.  This group is partner to the Pakistani military in Baloch genocide, who will never be forgiven.