Arrested three Pakistan army informers, gave death penalty to two. BLF

(Daily Sangar)During the Noshki operation, BLF fighters arrested an informer Taiyeb Anwar Samalani r/o Anari area of Noshki, Balochistan, he is being investigated, He has accepted many of his crimes and the investigation led us to his other companions. Taiyeb Anwar will be punished according to his crimes.

BLF spokesperson Gwahram Baloch in a statement said that, on 16 August arrested two people while they were roaming in Shadi Kaur area of Gwadar, in the excuse of hunting. Both are residents of Aapsar Turbat. Baloch fighters identified Murad s/o Pullen from them, and took him to base camp for investigation, During the investigation, Murad Jan confessed that he was involved in the military operations against Baloch nation for the occupying state. He was supporting Pakistani army in Baloch Genocide from 2007. He used to work with Major Hayatan's son Jahanzeb at that time, later he used to take orders from constable Dostain and Hiqmath. After the death of Hiqmath in Tump, he continued his work with another regional informer, Whose name will be brought in front on time. During the investigation, Murad Jan has also named many of his other colleagues who are on our target. On the same day on August 20, He was given death penalty for helping Pakistan in Baloch genocide. Murad Jan's second companion Allah Bakhsab was an innocent and he did not know the dark deeds of Murad Jan. Allah Bukhsh was released when there was no wrong action proven on him. We warn all people of Balochistan, not to come towards these areas for hunting, which lead government the access to Baloch fighters, by taking the advantage of it.